Nova Wars


2. Chapter one

Astra scowled as she stared at the news report playing out on the T.V, the destruction of Miami by an unknown force had hit the headlines only a few hours ago and already phones were scrambling off the hooks, meetings were being planned and of course they would all be arriving within the next few hours to her fortress. “Yesterday in the evening hours, survivors of a horrific attack claimed to have seen something like a large shadow rise from the ocean depths before devouring everything within its path,” the reporter stood in the middle of what had once been Miami, “No one knows what it was, but the destruction it caused will be felt by everyone around the world.”

                Her scowl deepened as she cut the power off, and leaned back into her chair. Something rose up out of the Ocean and decimated a Coastal City. She wasn’t sure how or who just yet, but she knew what it wasn’t. The quickest and easiest explanation for everyone would be to assume it was a witch related incident, unfortunately it wasn’t so simple. She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose; this was her worst nightmare come true. A familiar inking tickled the back of her mind, but she suppressed it; she already had enough unpleasant thoughts to mull through and adding another one wouldn’t help her state of mind. Something new had risen from the bottom of the ocean which if they wanted to survive, the Templar’s and the Witches would be forced to work as one.

                From her peripheral vision came a bundle of joy in the form of an eleven year old girl dressed in an outfit fit for a doll. Millie had come into her care when she was about three year old when Astra had found her in the wreckage of a small wooden cabin in the harsh frozen tundra. Ever since then she’d clung to Astra as if she was her own mother, which Astra figured was how Millie viewed her. Holding up a brush to her, Millie’s smile was contagious, “Can you brush my hair please?” she asked as she climbed up into her lap. Smiling, Astra gently took the brush and began to attentively brush through her strawberry blonde hair. It felt velvety soft beneath her fingers, Astra felt herself relax at the rhythm. “Everything is going to turn out for the better,” Millie voice came out in a sing song quality, “So you shouldn’t worry too much, or you’ll get gray hairs.”

                “Millie,” Astra warned, “Stop that. I know you are only trying to help but I can’t think when you do that.” Blinking her large blue eyes, she smiled innocently, “But I’m not doing anything Astra. I’m just sitting here while you brush my hair. Besides, we have company coming, how can you be a proper hostess if you’re being grumpy pants?” This time Astra laughed, “I suppose you are correct, however how many times have I told you not to abuse your gifts? That is what makes us stand above everyone else, we know when and where to use our magic, we don’t just use it for our own pleasure or one day it might fail us and then where would we be?” 

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