The Curse of the Sun and the Moon

Self-hating werewolf, Rosen, has found the cure to the werewolf curse that has condemned her since childhood.

She will need the help of Laurent, a pretentious, too good-looking for his own good, fire demon to succeed in breaking the Moon Goddess curse.

With the magical Moon mirror in hand, will Rosen be able to do what needs to be done? Will she be able to let go of the one thing she holds dear for a chance to become fully human?

Cover by the Fantabulous @AuRevoirSimone. she don't do request tho.


4. The Curse of the Sun and the Moon.

'She was known for her beauty; enchanting and majestic she was to all who saw her.

With skin so pale it was almost transparent and hair so dark it blended with the night sky; her beauty mesmerized all those who saw her.

She would appear only once a month in her full form to gaze upon her angelic worshippers as they prayed and sang to her through out the night.

One of her many admirers was the Sun God. He was enraptured with her allure and mystique, and fell in love with the vain beauty that was the Moon Goddess.

Once a month, she would only appear in her full and magnificent form to gaze upon her beloveds, but that wasn’t enough for the Sun God; he vied for her attentions, begging her to stay with him, if only for a day longer, but she did not feel the same. He was too fiery and too extravagant and not at all as beautiful as she or her followers. And so she rejected him preferring the company of the night.

The prideful Sun God unleashed his Fire demons onto the inhabitants of the world, to ransack and ravish all but his Fire worshippers.

Upon her return the Moon Goddess was not greeted by the peaceful prayers of her worshippers instead she was shocked to see the carnage and wreckage caused by the Fire demons. The Moon Goddess cried for her beautiful followers and vowed to never speak to the Sun God again.

But the Sun God was not finished; the Moon Goddess’s beauty taunted him and he wanted to return the angst. He knew of her love for beauty and her love for her worshippers; the carnage instilled by his fire demons was only the beginning.

Again the Moon Goddess disappeared and again the Sun God lay upon a curse on her followers; once a month, when the Moon was at her fullest and gazing upon her worshippers, they would turn into monsters and ransack and kill alongside his demons. They would transform into feral wolfish creatures worse than any of his demons could ever be… and any they bit would become one of the cursed.

Just as the Sun God was tortured by the Moon Goddess’s tantalizing beauty, so she would be tortured by her worshippers’ timely grotesqueness.

And so the Moon Goddess returned to gaze upon her followers, only this time she was horrified and disgusted by what she saw. Upon seeing their goddess, the Moon Goddess worshippers turned into horrendous creatures of the vilest kind. The Moon Goddess was heart broken. She cried for her worshippers’ beauty and begged the Sun God to return it to them.

But he refused.

She begged the Sun God to reconsider, but he would not, only if she was to remain by his side for all eternity.

The Moon Goddess cried that she could not leave her domain un-reigned. Surprisingly, the state of Moon Goddess moved something within the Sun God’s rather callous interior.

He would not remove the curse, but he would provide her worshippers with a cure.

The Moon Goddess wiped the tears from her eyes and sighed a breath of relief.

“What is the cure,” she smiled.

The Sun God smirked for his reasons were not so benevolent.

If the cursed were to drink the blood of his demons on a night when he and the Moon Goddess were one, then they would be cured of the curse once and for all.'

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