The Curse of the Sun and the Moon

Self-hating werewolf, Rosen, has found the cure to the werewolf curse that has condemned her since childhood.

She will need the help of Laurent, a pretentious, too good-looking for his own good, fire demon to succeed in breaking the Moon Goddess curse.

With the magical Moon mirror in hand, will Rosen be able to do what needs to be done? Will she be able to let go of the one thing she holds dear for a chance to become fully human?

Cover by the Fantabulous @AuRevoirSimone. she don't do request tho.


2. I am the beast and the beast is me.

“Rosen. Why?” Jack wheezed as he grasped at his gapping wound, his hands a bright gory crimson.

I blinked at the dying man before me. Why? He dared to ask me why? It took all my self-control to not slit his throat and be done with it, but I wanted him to suffer. I sat beside him and watched as he desperately tried to apply pressure on himself. I had punctured his liver; it was only a matter of time.

“Did you really think I didn’t know Jack?” I watched as he frantically looked around for some sort of help; unfortunately for him we were deep in the woods, far from any sort of aid. “Did you really think I wouldn’t find out?”

“Wh--what are you talking about?”

I pulled an old beaten brown diary from my jacket and dangled it in front of his face.

Jack’s eyes widened. “Oh, fuck.”

I sighed and lay next to my dying comrade. “That you are.”

Jack tried to scramble away from me, but fell back down. His blood loss was already too excessive and he could do nothing but lie beside me and bleed to death.

I looked over at him; he was pale and exhausted and in pain, lying on his own blood, like an all-you-can-eat vampire buffet.

“Would you like me to read some of this incredible piece of literary art Jack?”

He groaned and closed his eyes. “Kill me now. Please.”

I flipped the diary open. “I agree that you’re no Charles Dickens but this is still riveting work.”

I flipped the pages to a specific date, a date that changed my life forever.  “Ah, this is my favorite chapter.”

Jack closed his eyes, anticipating what was to come.

I read, “July fourth, I will transform tonight. I think I am far enough from people. Hopefully I only come across deer and elk to feed upon.

Jack groaned and let his arms fall to his sides, his hands no longer covering his wound.

July fifth,” I continued. “I wasn’t far enough. I wasn’t far enough and I smelled them even before my transformation was even complete, a man in his mid thirties, a woman in her late twenties and little girl around four years of age.

I stopped reading. I had waited for this moment for so long. I was fifteen when I discovered Jack’s diary and for five years I harvested my hate, all because I needed the stupid man; I needed him to find the cure.

I clenched the diary tighter and kept my voice steady and read on.

I do not remember what happened once I fully transformed but I returned to the site this morning and it was all too apparent. The man and woman were mauled beyond recognition. Their campsite was drenched in their blood; their trailer was decorated --“

I stopped reading and glanced over at my dying wolf friend, “Really Jack? Decorated?”

I sighed and continued on. “Their trailer was decorated with splashes of red. I walked around the camp and pieced together their life. The man was an archeologist who made the mistake of bringing his young family with him on his expedition; his camp was too far from humanity and too close to monstrosity. I vaguely remembered that a young child was with them and feared for the worse when I saw her body drenched in blood, a four-claw slash bright and pulsing on her thin ribs. I almost thought she was dead, but the flicker of her eyelids proved otherwise. I do not care that she will be a cursed one, such as myself. I only care that she is still alive.

I smiled at Jack. “How sweet of you. But you see I care that I am cursed even if you don’t.”

Jack’s gaze was hazy and unfocused. “But I found the cure Rosen. We could have our lives back.”

I sat up and glared at him. “You murdered my family. I have been a monster for sixteen years because of you. You don’t deserve a life.”

“Forgive me Rosen,” he croaked. “Forgive me.”

I bit my lip.

You know he had no control over it – the beast. There is no controlling the monster Rosen.

I pushed the thought back. I couldn’t think like that. I couldn’t think that the monster and Jack were different entities. Jack was the monster and the monster was Jack.

Jack was the reason behind my nightmares – the yellow eyes, the teeth, the blood, my parent’s cries, and my screams. If I closed my eyes I could still smell the blood – hot and metallic, like rust in the heat.

I pulled out my gun, cocked and ready with silver laced bullets. “No.”

I shot him in the head, ending his misery.

I stared at the unrecognizable remains of Jack. I stared and tried to ignore the guilt and sadness making their way to my tear ducts

I was angry when I found out it was Jack who killed my family; I felt betrayed that my only friend and family, was the monster of my nightmares, that all those years of agonizing over the beast that killed my parents and he was right in front of me. For five years I harbored a sick resentment, waiting for the right moment to strike him.

His head was blown to pieces and his blood soaked into the dirt, but I did not feel the accomplishment that I had anticipated.

You killed him Rosen, not as the beast but as a human. What does that make you?

I could feel myself becoming sick; my stomach tightened and nausea took over – the blood, the gore, the smell, it was too much. I heaved.

The realization of what I did slapped me across the face; I had killed Jack. I was not a beast when I did so. I was not an uncontrollable monster when I did so. I was human.

Hot tears burned my eyes and blurred my vision. I had thought that revenge would feel more fulfilling – more right. All I felt was an even greater hate at myself.

I hastily wiped the tears from my face and slipped the gun back inside my boot. I could not afford to feel that way. I could not afford regret or loss. I checked the inside of Jack’s jacket and grabbed the key to the files that he kept hidden in the trailer.

I needed the cure. I needed to break the curse. I had to get rid of the monster once and for all.

“Jack was the monster and the monster was Jack. He deserved to die. He killed my parents. He ruined my life,” I mumbled.

And you Rosen? The voice in my head was maddening, annoying and stupid.

I would soon become human. I would be normal. But for the moment there was no use ignoring the truth.

“I am the beast and the beast is me.”

I chucked the key up to the bright calm sky and snatched it at its decent. “But soon I will be Rosen. No monster. No wolf. Just Rosen.”


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