Hey, Haley

Haley is excited when her friend, Cydney wins tickets to the 5sos concert. She even has a chance to meet them! Since Haley isn't the fangirl type, how will she react when she meets them, especially Calum.

(Sorry for the confusion! Cydney and Liz are the same person. I am working on changing it all to Cydney.)


2. Is it really them?

Haley's POV

So today is the concert and I am so excited!  And if I'm excited then Nikki and Cydney are in a state of excitement that cannot be explained.
We are currently at Nikki's house getting ready for the concert of our dreams.  I had on a solid white shirt tucked into a pair of black high waisted shorts and layered with my new red and black flannel shirt. The other girls were both wearing 5sos t-shirts under their flannels.  Cydney was wearing black ripped skinny jeans with white converse and Nikki was wearing a black skirt with red high tops converse. "Are we almost ready to go?" I asked as I pulled on a pair of white high tops converse. I was pleased with my outfit and glad that the only thing that I had to buy was a flannel. Everything else was from my own closet. "I think so," answered Cydney.  "Y'all I am so freakin' excited!" exclaimed Nikki, " I can't believe that y'all get to meet THE Five Seconds of Summer.  I just wish that I could too." I hadn't thought about that.  Cydney had won backstage passes for only two and they had decided that I would get to use the other one. I began to feel guilty, even though they were the ones that had decided.  After all, this was a once in a lifetime chance!  "Maybe you'll get to meet them anyway," I suggested, trying to cheer her up. "Maybe." I could tell she was still bummed.
We hopped into the car with Nikki driving and 5sos albums blasting on the radio. After a while the volume was starting to give me a headache and I knew that they wouldn't turn it down for no reason, so I said," maybe we should turn the down a little, so we don't enter the concert with headaches and hoarse voices instead of leaving that way.  I was glad when Karlye said, "You're right." 
After a three hour car ride, which felt like forever, we finally got to Nashville! "I'm starving," I complained.  "So am I," Cydney and Nikki groaned in unison.  We all laughed, but my stomach was starting to growl "Where should we eat?" I'd only been to Nashville once before, but it was a camping trip so we mostly ate camp food.  "It's kind of early, so why don't we eat at the mall and look around after?" suggested Nikki. "Ok, I don't really care where, all I know is that I'm starving."  We walked into the gigantic mall and sat down to eat. We all decided on giant slices of pepperoni pizza. "What if we see them here?" I asked, knowing that the chances of one of the most popular bands coming to a crowded mall, was very low.  "I would cry," said Nikki. I rolled my eyes.  "What? 5sos is LIFE," responded Cydney, "What would you do, Haley?" "I would probably keep my distance, y'all know how shy I am to new people.  It would be super cool though." "I'm the same way," said Cydney. "I know," I replied, "Nikki would just run up and suffocate Luke while we stand on the sidelines watching. "True," said Nikki We all laughed.  "Let's go to Hot Topic!" Cydney said. It was more of a command than a suggestion. I was expecting it though because it was their favorite store.  "Heck yeah, agreed Nikki."  They turned in my direction waiting for my vote, "That's okay with me."
There were so many stores that it felt like a scavenger hunt trying to find it.  As we finally approached the store, four guys caught my eye. They all had on gray hoods and dark sunglasses.  I grabbed Nikki and Cydney's wrists and ran to a corner outside the store. "Haley what are you..." I cut Cydney off. Ok, guys you are not going to believe me, but I think I saw Five Seconds of Summer in Hot Topic." "You're joking," said Nikki.  "I don't think so," disagreed Cydney.  "Before y'all go running, we need to have a plan." We all tiptoed to the window and looked in.  I felt like we were the ones in movies who were trying to sneak up on someone(in a way we were). We all agreed it was them. I started to chuckle, "Whats so funny?" Cydney asked. "It's funny that they think wearing the exact same hoodies and wearing sunglasses indoors is going to keep their cover. I mean it's just so obvious that it's them." We all giggled and the boys turned our direction. We all froze. They went back to their business and Nikki whispered, "Y'ALL! Did you see that? They looked at us! One of us needs to go talk to them!" "Why don't you go since you came up with the idea?" I suggested.  "I'm too scared." Cydney and I looked at each other in surprise.  Nikki was the most outgoing, and even she didn't want to do it!  Nikki whispered something to Cydney, who nodded.  Next thing I know, I'm being shoved into the one store in the whole world that contains Five Seconds of Summer. I was not a people person.  My whole body trembled and I felt like I was walking in slow motion. If wasn't that big of a fan, why did I suddenly feel this way? Why didn't Nikki, the most gregarious person I know, volunteer? Why did they have to put me in this awkward position? "Um...excuse me?"

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