Hey, Haley

Haley is excited when her friend, Cydney wins tickets to the 5sos concert. She even has a chance to meet them! Since Haley isn't the fangirl type, how will she react when she meets them, especially Calum.

(Sorry for the confusion! Cydney and Liz are the same person. I am working on changing it all to Cydney.)


1. Exciting news

Haley's POV

"Haley, you'll never guess what happened to Cydney!" Nikki practically screamed into the phone. "Did she..." I started to guess, but she cut me off, "Don't say anything. We're coming over in thirty minutes to tell you!" I winced at the harsh noise blasting into my eardrum, and she hung up. I thought I knew what was going on. The only thing that got them this pumped was 5 Seconds of Summer.

I opened the door to Cydney, a girl with green eyes and a beautifully natural red hair that barely exceeded her shoulders and Nikki, a girl who was slightly thinner and taller (but still shorter than me) with long blonde hair and blue eyes. They stared at me with big eyes and wide grins. "Let me guess. Cydney, did you win a ticket to the 5sos concert in Nashville?" I assumed. "Yeah," she said, strangely calm, "but that's not all." "Why don't you guys come in and tell me the story?" Obviously they had been waiting for this moment because they hurried into the living room and plopped onto the leather couch.

"As you were saying?" I prompted.  "Remember my mom bought me a ticket for my birthday?" asked Nikki. I nodded. "Well, Cydney wanted to come too, so we both entered as many contests as possible to double her chances, you know? Well our method seemed to work, because Cydney won!" "That's great, Cyd!"  "Thanks, but that's not the best part," she replied. "Did you get backstage passes or something?" "Haley, you are on a role!" exclaimed Nikki. "There's still more," Cydney added. I looked at them confused, "What do you mean?" "Well..." began Cydney, making eye contact with Nikki, "I checked the email this morning and it said that I got TWO tickets!" "And we decided to give the second one to you!" finished Nikki. I stared at them with eyes wide and mouth agape, " I may have predicted the other things, but Nikki was right when she said I would never guess. I can't believe that y'all did that for me!When's the concert?" "Shame," said Cydney, hanging her head in disappointment. "I told you to do your research," added Nikki. "Well I'm sorry that I'm not an obsessed fangirl, and I didn't think that I would be able to afford tickets any time soon." Don't get me wrong, I really like 5sos, but I'm not the type of person that overly obsesses over a band no matter how awesome they are (and 5sos is pretty awesome). "I guess that makes sense. It's on July she replied. "That's next month!" I exclaimed, surprised at how close it was. "Those people really like to procrastinate," explained Cydney. "We'd better start planning," I reasoned. Nikki agreed, "Haley, we'll help you with your outfit. No offense, but you're not very punk rock." Even though it was an insult, she was right. My style was more preppy, sometimes a mix between the two. I occasionally wore something that earned their approval.

We all ran up the stairs and entered my room. It was an average sized room. The walls were yellow and bare because I hadn't gotten around to putting up posters and decorations. My closet was directly to the right of the doorway when you walked in. The bed sat on the opposite wall and was covered in a quilt of colorful shapes and patterns with matching green, blue, and yellow pillows. The girls rushed into the walk in closet and raided every hanger, shelf and cubby. They lumbered out with looks of dissatisfaction, "Haley, it looks like we're going to need to do some shopping."

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