Love me like you

Gwen the punk rocker girl in her school when she meets Calum hood another punk rocker they haven't really talked until Calum finally knows who Gwen is.


12. Your cousin is Louis Tomlinson

Gwen's point of view 

Liv-" cause my cousin is in a band with him " 

Mel-" wait who's your cousin " 

Liv-" Louis Tomlinson " 

Gwen-" wait I think I was dancing with Niall horan that night " 

Mel-" did he have an Irish accent " 

Gwen-" yeah " 

Liv-" do you know how lucky you are " 

So I was dancing with another famous band wow. 

*at lunch * 

Alli-" Gwen you are so lucky " 

Gwen-" yeah but Calum knows him " 

Mel-" you have a crush on niall but still in love with Calum " 

Gwen-" yep " 

Liv-" why don't you see how Calum feels about you guys seeing someone else ?" 

Gwen-" I guess" 

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