Love me like you

Gwen the punk rocker girl in her school when she meets Calum hood another punk rocker they haven't really talked until Calum finally knows who Gwen is.


4. Woah I barley became friends with you

Gwen's point of view 

I think about the chance Calum offered I don't know if I should accept it or not but he comes and sit by me that lost me from my thoughts 

Calum-" will you go out with me " 

Gwen-" woah hold it pretty boy " 

Calum-" seriously " 

Gwen-" I barley know you " 

Calum-" well us going out will be a chance for us to get to know each other so what do u say" 

I look in his eyes I should give him a chance 

Gwen-" yes " 

Calum-" great " 

Gwen-" but don't call me princess ever again" 

Calum-" hmm how about dark queen " 

Gwen-" better ".

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