Love me like you

Gwen the punk rocker girl in her school when she meets Calum hood another punk rocker they haven't really talked until Calum finally knows who Gwen is.


2. Wait he's like us

Gwen's point of view 

Liv-" you should be lucky that a cute boy sits next to you " 

Gwen-" a boy that I don't even know " 

Alli-" exactly " 

Gwen-" Mel" 

Mel-" guys let Gwen find this out on her own after all he has a band and he should know us" 

Gwen-" is it that band alli keeps staring at the computer screen " 

Alli-" oh yes hmmmm Luke " 

Liv-" oh yeah I sit next to him in history " 

Alli-" damit " 

Mel-" why don't you seem excited about this" 

Gwen-" probably because he doesn't remember us " 

Liv-" alli it's no big deal " 

Alli-" easy for you to say you like Ashton " 

Mel-" that kid that keeps banging his pencils on the desk I sit next to him in math " 

Liv-" I hate u!!!!" 

Alli-" I sit to someone called Michael in English" 

Mel-" FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

Gwen-" I'm going to go get some pizza" 

Liv-" bring us back some " 

Gwen-" you wish " 

I left Mel's house god what's the big deal about these boys I don't get it maybe I don't see their flaws if I really got to know them maybe I would yeah like that's gonna happen.

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