Love me like you

Gwen the punk rocker girl in her school when she meets Calum hood another punk rocker they haven't really talked until Calum finally knows who Gwen is.


1. The start

Gwen's point of view 

* alarm* 

I get up and get dressed I put on a gray long sleeve , light pink crop top that says hell , and a black shirt with a gray waist band and gray heels I walk downstairs grab a apple and my back pack then head off to school when I walk in people smile and wave at me they know my band my other band members are liv , alli , and Mel they are my best friends /band members I sit in science when a new person walks in 

Teacher-" class this is Calum hood " 

Most of the girls were attached to him but I wasn't then of course he sits next to me 

Calum-" hi " 

Gwen-" hi ( says sarcastically ) " 

God this is gonna be a long year 

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