Love me like you

Gwen the punk rocker girl in her school when she meets Calum hood another punk rocker they haven't really talked until Calum finally knows who Gwen is.


11. How could anyone else love me like you

Gwen's point of view 

It's been weeks I still think about Calum and that night at the dance it was bad then it turned out great it's just why would Calum ask me when he was going with another girl? I see him a few times but Ignore it I couldn't handle any thing else. 

Calum's point of view 

I only saw Gwen at the dance I only had another girl with me because she needed someone to go with after that night we never talked. 


Gwen's point of view 

I go to history and sit next to Mel she was talking to Liv until they finally noticed I came in 

Mel-" are u okay " 

Gwen-" do any of you know someone named Niall " 

Liv-" I can ask my cousin " 

Mel-" wait how would your cousin know Niall?" 

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