The Untold Story

[]Going under re-write[]
My name, Link, Link J. Leaping. Who am I you ask. A nobody who was washed away in the sands of time, though countless times tried to surface. Why should you care? Well you're still reading aren't you? I'm going to tell you a story and not just any story, it's my story. So sit down get comfortable, and prepare you're self for the journey of a lifetime, my lifetime to exact.


2. Chapter 1

I remember when I was little, my life was pretty normal back then, in my youth. My mother got in a tragic accident when I was little. I was so young then that I hardly remember anything of her before it. I remember my father going away to work twenty-four seven to pay for medical bills. My siblings and I were sent to stay with my aunt and uncle. My cousin Julie was 12 at the time, and it was just a year before my aunt and uncle's divorce. I don't remember why they got divorced, but I do know that we didn't see my uncle after it.

My father had recently gone away on another business trip, I was 12 at the time. My brother and I were watching a late night movie, the lights were dimmed down to really emerge us in the film. Wink had fallen asleep on the couch her head laid on my right leg. Wilson was hogging all the popcorn (as always). It was pretty late and I was starting to doze off myself. My brothers William and Wilson would be leaving tomorrow and I didn't want to waste any of these last moments with them. I snuggled into William's side and tried to reach for some popcorn from the plastic blue bowl he was holding. He pushed my hand away and took a large handful for himself dropping a few kernels on the loads trip to his mouth. One of them that felt slightly wet bounced off my head. I sat up and shot him a look and he gave me a playful smirk and passed me the bowl.

I took a piece of popcorn and flicked it at the back of his head as he bent down to pick up some of the pieces he dropped. Wink was starting to stir on my side from my sudden movement, but that didn't stop me. I slid out from under her setting the bowl on the brown cloth cushion and leaped onto Wilson's back. He imminently flung me off and I flew at least a foot and landed on the soft white rug that covered our hardwood floor. He then stood up, he was so tall for his age always has been, Wink and I tend to joke that he and William took all the tall genes in the family. He had blond hair and our father's blue eyes. He tackled me down and started tickling me I rolled around on the floor laughing loudly and trying to kick him away.

I heard a door fly open and the bright light above flickered on and blinded me for a second as I rolled onto my belly to be able to see William standing there with an angry scowl on his face, he was just a tad taller and not to mention older ten my brother Wilson, but they looked so much alike you'd think they were twins. He had some scruff on his chin that he was refusing to shave and honestly made him look a lot like shaggy from Scooby doo.

"What are you two doing! We have a trip tomorrow Wilson if you're forgetting, and you should be well rested for it!" William practically shouted with a tired and annoyed tone.

"I'll get plenty of sleep on the plane, William you old crank," Wilson said unable to go five seconds of being yelled at without trying to start a fight. Wink was awake now and I could tell was trying to figure out what to do.

"Well, it's too late to go to sleep now and wake at a reasonable time." I implied to the conversation but William shot me a glance telling me it was between him and Wilson. Neither William or Wilson were very pleasant when they were tired let alone angry. I could see anger swelling inside of Wilson now and it seemed the late hour was finally taking an affect on him. I walked over to Wink and implied we head to our room before they get at it. Wink nodded and tiredly followed.





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