The Untold Story

[]Going under re-write[]
My name, Link, Link J. Leaping. Who am I you ask. A nobody who was washed away in the sands of time, though countless times tried to surface. Why should you care? Well you're still reading aren't you? I'm going to tell you a story and not just any story, it's my story. So sit down get comfortable, and prepare you're self for the journey of a lifetime, my lifetime to exact.


1. Prolouge

I felt warm blood trickle from my wounds, the fresh blow to me head was causing the red fluid to blind my vision. Reaching up a shaky arm I whipped it away to see her looming over me. I felt paralyzed as our eyes locked. Her eyes glowing a bright red, I was frightened to look in them and see nothing of the girl I once knew.

I felt myself fading. I was now not fighting to save the world from her wrath but to keep consciousness. And I was failing I knew, she knew. I felt a hard kick hit my gut startling a cry as I rolled over, things getting dark fast. And then I felt a new warmth, tears, I was crying. I felt anger fill me, I don't deserve tears not even my own.

All feeling was gone, there was only darkness. I felt scared unknowing of what was to happen next. I had nothing to do in my state of mind but sit and watch as my life flashed before me.



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