The Dream That Became Reality


5. 5.)

The rest of the night consists of cuddling and listening to the boys new album. Ashton’s solo kills me. I am so happy that I finally got to hear him sing again.  “Are you ok Em?” “Yes, I’m fine. SKH always makes me cry. Ash, your solo kills me.” “Oh, looks like someone has a favorite on the album.” Ash says  “SKH isn’t my favorite, JBH or Fly Away is.” “Oh.” Ash says “Em, do you wanna see the hey everybody video?” Luke Asked “Let’s save that for tomorrow, before its posted on youtube.” “One direction are coming to let you hear perfect before they release it, I wasn’t supposed to tell you that so act surprised when they come through your window.” “Ok. No problem."          “They should be here any minute. I’m gonna open the window.” “Why the hell do you need to open the window when we have a front and back door?” “Idk, ask Harry, it was his idea.” “Hey beautiful, I’m Harry, your probably wondering why out of all places we came through the window, or why we are even here.” Harry said “Yeah, why the hell did you come through the window when I have a front and back door? And why are you here exactly?” I asked “We heard it was your birthday and we wanted you to hear our new song before anyone else, as for the entrance through the window, we didn’t want to be noticed by paparazzi. We also heard you’re coming on tour with us and the boys.” “Yes I am coming on tour, and now I think the window entrance was pure genius.” “That’s great beautiful. The tour actually got moved up a day so we leave late tomorrow night. And is Morgan still here?” “No, she left a little while ago, but I can call her and ask her to come back, she only lives a few doors down from me.”     I call Morgan and she tells me that this was all part of the surprise and she’ll be right over.  “ I’m here Em.” “What the hell did you mean by it was all part of the surprise? Is there something that i don’t know?” “Should I tell her Harry?” “I think it’s time.” “What are you talking about?” “I’m coming on tour too.” “YAY!!! And also we don’t leave late tomorrow, we leave when we get up tomorrow. And I’m going back home now to finish packing.” “You should probably start packing too Love.” “How long will we be gone?” “A year, You and Morgan will be homeschooled next school year.” “So I have to pack a year’s worth of outfits?” “No,pack about a month’s worth. We will be hooking you up with our stylist and she wants to go shopping with you.” “Done everything is packed."    “Perfect, I should probably be going Love, see you tomorrow.”     Now it’s time for bed and I snuggle up between Luke and Ash. I don’t think I will sleep at all tonight because i can’t wait for tomorrow. The next thing I remember is Luke saying, “Time to get up beautiful, it’s after 11. They guys’ll be here in 20 minutes.” “What, I only have 20 minutes, guess I can’t do my hair.” “Sorry beautiful, just put it up in a messy bun, because Harry thinks you would look hot that way"   
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