The Dream That Became Reality


4. 4.)

Morgan tells me that my mom and the boys had been decorating all day. I wanted a 5SOS cake and my cake cake had an edible decal of their logo, and said, “Happy Birthday Emily” “This is perfect mom!” “Glad you like it.” “We are swimming too right mom?” “Yes, but when it gets dark out, so we can use the light.”  “Ok.” “It’s time to open presents” I hope I get merch. I thought. I was that fan who had like no merch.  “Open mine first.” Morgan said. I open the box and inside is a snapback, but not just any snapback, the SKH snapback. “OMG. Thanks Morgan.” “Open the one from your parents next” Mom said. I open the box and inside is SKH t-shirt. “Thanks Mom!!” Now I open the present from the boys and inside is their new album “Sounds Good Feels Good” that hasn’t even been released yet “OMG thanks guys. MORGAN, WE Get TO LISTEN TO THE NEW ALBUM BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!!!” “This is the best birthday ever!!! It couldn’t be any better!!!!” “We have another surprise for you.” I open the box from everyone and inside is One Direction’s new album “Made It In The AM”  “THANKS, LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE MORE TO LISTEN TO BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!!” “And one last thing, UR COMING ON TOUR WITH US!!!” “Because you are almost done with school early, we all planned something special.” Mom said.     Now its dark outside and we can finally go swimming. My mom hooks up the stereo and we listen to Sounds Good Feels Good. This is so good. I can see how the boys say that this album is more personal than the first. The pool water is freezing so we just have social hour in the hot tub. "When do we leave for tour?” “In three days. We start in London.” “Great!! The only problem is, what am I gonna do for three days?” “Pack, school, and hang out with us.” “Ok that sounds good.” “My mom just texted, I gotta go but I’ll see you tomorrow.” Morgan leaves and I ask, “Is Morgan coming with us?” “Maybe, you’ll find out tomorrow.”
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