The Dream That Became Reality


3. 3.)

Now that we are home I open the door and my mom says, “Guess what we have planned!” “What?” “Morgan is coming over later to have cake and celebrate. And 5SOS are staying at our place.” “I was told that they were staying but having Morgan over sounds great." “Ok. She’ll be here around 6.” “Mom, can I go in the pool for a little while while they unpack? I need to swim for the school swim team because I won’t be at school for three weeks” “Sure, and I’ll come get you when they’re done.” “I finished earlier, like at 4 am. Can I swim with you Emily?” “Sure Mikey. Morgan is going to be so jealous that she doesn’t get to be with you for three weeks” “I think any fan of ours would be jealous. You are very lucky.” “I’m not just swimming to have fun though, I’m practicing for swim team.” “Oh. I’ll wait until later then. I don’t wanna bother you.” “Ok. Well I’ll be in soon because I still have to do my schoolwork.” “Yeah, you do, which means we won’t have the entire three weeks to all hang out together.” “I only have three classes. The rest of them are online and I finished them. I should be done with my other classes in about a week by the rate I’m finishing assignments. And I can do them whenever I want throughout the next three weeks, so I’ll probably do them at night mostly.” “Wow, that makes it even better.” “I’m actually going to go do an assignment in each of them and forget swimming for right now. I don’t wanna have to have Morgan leave earlier than we had planned just because I have schoolwork to do."      “That sounds like a great idea.”     I go up to my room to start on schoolwork. I have to do a test in bio, read a lesson in my english book, and read a lesson in my Spanish book. I think I’ll start with Spanish. Today’s lesson had to do with past tense conjugation of -ar, -er, and -ir verbs. I actually did this lesson yesterday so I don’t have to do anything in Spanish. My test in Bio is about the process of photosynthesis. It is fairly easy. Now it’s time for English. Today the class read chapter 2 of the book we are reading in class. I’ll do that later because I always read before I go to bed. I walk out of my bedroom and hear the doorbell ring. I open the door and it’s Morgan. “Morgan you won’t believe what I got from my parents!” "What did you get?” “Come with me, you won’t believe me unless I show you.” “Ok, where is it.” We head to the spare bedroom and I knock on the door. Luke answers.  “Looks like it’s time to celebrate guys.” “Wait Em, your parents got you a chance to meet them?” “Not only meet them, they’re staying for three weeks and doing a concert here in the area, and we get front row and VIP! I get to take a friend and I pick you.” “Wow, that’s great! Why weren’t you at school?” “I’m not going for three weeks because I’m on a “family vacation” for three weeks.” “So you are just staying home for three weeks?” “Yes. But I have all my assignments that I still have to complete in the same amount of time you do.” “Oh. So you don’t get to just enjoy your time with them for three weeks.” “I’m doing it before I go to bed at night. that’s how I planned it.” “Yeah but let’s not talk about school, let’s do something someone would actually want to do on their birthday.” 
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