The Dream That Became Reality


2. 2.)

They start to play for me and I literally can’t stop crying. This is the best present ever. I’m the first person to hear they play Fly Away live! Wrapped Around Your Finger really hit me hard. I am now in shock that not only am I getting to see them live at a private concert, but they are staying at my house and doing a concert in my area that I will be front row and VIP at. They way that I got out of class was that the front office called my teachers and said that I was going on a family vacation and I wouldn’t be at school. That was partially true, I’m at school but not in class and something extra special is happening to me today. “So after this what am I going to do, because all my teachers have been led to believe that I’m not at school?” “We are bringing you home after and your mom has a lot of stuff planned.” “That sounds great Ash, I can’t wait.” They played a few more songs and then signed me out of school and we went home.
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