The Dream That Became Reality


1. 1.)

It all started at school. Somehow  and I got out of class for a private concert from 5SOS. We didn’t do anything to win anything. I just tweeted them that it was a dream of mine to go to a concert and meet them. The only problem was the closest they had come to my area was about 2.5 hours away. My parents would never drive 2.5 hours just to go to a concert.      I am so lost. Did they actually see my post on twitter, or did my parents have something to do with it? “Hey! Ur Emily right?” “YES! Did you actually see my tweet or did my parents have something to do with making this happen on my birthday?” “Check your twitter.” I check my twitter and I have a DM from @5SOS!   “Hey Emily, we will be coming to your school and getting you out of class to rock out with us. Thank your parents for somehow contacting us directly. Hope you don’t mind sharing your home. Oh, and btw, Happy Birthday! -Ash xx” “Oh my god. This is crazy. How long will you be staying?” “We’ll be here for about 3 weeks, because we actually booked a concert here in your area specifically, which you will be at  front row and VIP.” “Oh my God. I’m okay with sharing my house if my parents are.” “They actually proposed the idea to us. Also they worked out getting all your assignments from your teachers for the next 3 weeks because they said you would be on a family vacation.” “This is awesome.”
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