More than spilt coffee

Today was the start of any normal day but for Riley Layla Slecouth, it would be the day that twisted her life around.

Two meet over an accident but will this be more than spilt coffee?

Let me know what you think of this! Thx x


1. Don't cry over spilt coffee


Don't cry over spilt coffee


Every day has the potential to become the best day of your entire life. Just as each person is born with the potential to be good or bad. Each new start is a blank slate.

Today was the start of any normal day but for Riley Layla Slecouth, it would be the day that twisted her life around.

Riley was rolling around in her warm bouncy covers. With her eyelids still shut tight, he twisted and turned to stretch out her sleepy self. She wanted to stay in her duvet cocoon all day long. Riley was the type of person who would hibernate on cold winter mornings like today. She stretched out her arms to the side, her arm grew cold, as it was not protected by the warm ness of her bed covers. As she stretched her arm, her hand hit something. Not hard, but her knuckle lightly touched something shiny and plastic. 'What could that be?' Her sleepy half-awake brain thought. 'Might have been a .....a......yawn.... A book? No I didn't read last night. Did I...I...Eye eye .... Eye eye captain! I should watch Peter Pan again, such child hood... Mems... These covers are cosy. Yep. That's it. I'm staying in these all day. Today. What's today? Wait...' Suddenly a thought struck her mind. 'That was... I hit.... my al...alarm! What the hell happened to my alarm!?' She immediately opened her eyes. She whipped her head round. "Oh my god!"

Time: 7:53

"Bloody hell" she muffled into the covers, as she hauled herself up and out of the cocoon. She made her bed neatly before rushing to get dressed. Goosebumps pricked her cold skin. As quickly as she could (but she was still very sleepy, so not that quickly) she undressed out of her purple-star pjs and took out one of her coat hangers which had her outfit all set out for her. She slipped her pristinely white top on and her skirt. Once she swiftly brushed through her ginger hair she looked in the mirror. Stood there for a moment and plaiting her hair, she kept glancing at her to do list which consisted of:

To do list

•brush teeth

•pick up pack lunch from the fridge

•Remember money, chemistry revision book and English homework!

•to do list notebook

She washed her face, scrubbing every little freckle with simple daily face wash with her left hand while at the same time, brushing her teeth with her right. She rinsed her mouth and dabbed her face with a towel. She grabbed her bag, books, put her books in her bag, took the money from the kitchen counter along with her to do list notebook, picked her pack lunch out of the fridge, slipped her shoes on, put on her coat and she was out the door at exactly 8:05.


At the same time, exactly 8:05, across the street strode a clueless scruffy boy who was walking into a local coffee shop with no idea what he was going to get until he saw someone walking past him with a chocolate cupcake and a large peppermint mocha.


Riley did what she does every day, she walked into Starbucks and bought a small hot chocolate with extra marshmallows and cream with a chocolate and mint flavored cupcake. She walked out swiftly, nervously sipping her hot coco as she walk-ran to school. She checked the time as she walked by a small corner shop and through the window she could see it was '8:27 three minutes to walk to school. Ok I can do that' she thought, looking towards the school entrance. But just as she was turning the corner she bumped into someone, their heads banged together, and as they felt the pain, a mixture of coffee and hot chocolate spilt all over the both of them.

"Oh my god!"

"I'm so sorry!"

"Oh no." Riley looked down in horror to see her white shirt and dark green coat had been splattered with cream, marshmallows but mostly a lot of coffee spillage.

"I'm sorry. It was totally my fault. I wasn't looking where I was going."

Riley was so busy picking up her plaits and twisting coffee out of them that she didn't even know who she bumped into. She looked in front of her and saw the same spillage mess but on a guitar t-shirt.

"No. No. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry. It's my fault, I'm late you see and..." She looked up and saw a scruffy curly haired boy with hazel eyes. "Um..." She stuttered. There was a short but noticeable silence between the two of them as they looked into each other's eyes. They snapped out of it and the scruffy haired boy picked up the empty cups.

"Sorry" Riley smiled slightly, not really knowing why.

"Here you go, not that there's much left" the boy said, handing her the cups. "Ohhhh...dear" he looked at her now brown top and empty cup, feeling very guilty. "Your top"

"Oh it's... Yeah. It's ok...I guess" Riley felt strange saying it was ok for ruining her pristinely perfect white top, but it was almost like she felt just as bad for ruining his guitar tee shirt.

"No" the curly haired boy said. "No it's not ok, here," he reached into his back jean pocket "let me buy you some new clothes" she shook her head "or at least a new cup of coffee"

"Sorry I'm just..." Riley was annoyed at herself for saying sorry again. " 'm late for school so..."

"Oh no and I've made you even later. Ugh I do apologize. Well I won't keep you any longer, here, take this." He took a dark blue scarf out of his backpack and put it on Riley. He smiled caringly, a way that a little brother would look at a newborn sibling. Riley couldn't help smiling either.

"Thank you, really" the scarf covered the coffee stained sploge.

"You don't owe me a thank you" they both looked down and smiled at the ground.

"How will I get this back to you anyway?"

"Think of it as a gift in return"

"In return for ruining your shirt?"

"No in return of your name... What is your name?"

Riley thought for a second and decided to put out her hand "Riley."

"Flint." Flint said as he shook her hand "Flint Clarke."

"Well flint" Riley said as she suddenly felt really comfortable around him. "I'm late fo..."

"School, yes I'm... I won't keep you any longer, it was nice... Um bumping into you.... I guess" he smiled and ruffled his hair.

"Ha, yeah in a way... I guess."


"I'm sorry"

"Bye, Flint"














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