Liz Does Not Approve

"Your mom hates me!" I yelled.

"No she doesn't," Luke tries to comfort me.

"Yes I do," Liz replies walking in.


1. Detention

Hannah's POV

"Ok class, pass up the homework from last night" Mrs. Hemmings tells us.

"Shit we had homework?" I blurt out and everyone starts to chuckle.

"Yes Hannah we did it was written in the board yesterday," she rolls her eyes.

"Nobody ever reads the board," I reply.

She just sighs in annoyance while taking everyone's homework and putting it away in her desk.

"Okay so today we're going on the next chapter..." and I blank out from there.

"Hey," I say to my friend Jade who was clearly bored like me.

"What?" she asks while chewing her gum.

"Give me some."

"Some what?"

"Some gum stupid."

She takes the one she had from her mouth and sticks it onto my desk.

"Fuck y-" I begin to say.

"Hannah were you chewing gum?" I turn to see Liz who was crossing her arms and starring at the gum Jade just put on my desk.


She rolls her eyes again at me.

"Get your stuff and move to the front of the classroom," she demands.

"Moving me won't change anything."

"Maybe it'll keep you from talking to Jade."

"I talk to everyone, miss. So it won't make much of a difference," I tell her.

All of a sudden the bell rings which means it was time for lunch.

"You guys are dismissed," Mrs. Hemmings tells the class as they all leave.

I begin to grab my stuff and leave until she stops me.

"Where do you think your going?" She asks.

I turn around to look at her.

Where does it look like I'm going?


"Your staying with me for detention remember?"

I then realize that I hadn't made up the detention I got from vandalizing the school. Great.

I drop my bag on the floor and sat back down on my seat while she just smiled and went back to her desk.


I don't know how long into lunch it was, but it felt like forever.

"How much longer till I could leave?" I ask her from across the room.

"Ten minutes," she replies while grading the homework that I didn't do.

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. "Come in" Mrs. Hemmings says.

In comes a tall boy with blonde hair that was up in a small quiff, piercing blue eyes, and a lip ring.

"Hey mum," he says to Mrs. Hemmings.

"I thought you weren't coming till later?" they begin to talk as I just eavesdrop the whole conversation.

It didnt take long for them to realize I was still here.

When the tall blonde boy noticed me he began to whisper something into Mrs. Hemmings ear.

She replied and they started to talk in a lower tone so I couldn't hear.

"You guys talkin about me?" I ask while playing with my nail.

"Um, you can go now if you want"

I grab my bag and get off from my seat while walking towards the front of the classroom as the boy stared.

I walked passed the both of them and left.

He was kinda hot...

A/N So this is my first story here on this account and I promise it'll get more interesting. Anyways, please like and favorite and I'll update tomorrow!

-Kiara <3

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