Liz Does Not Approve

"Your mom hates me!" I yelled.

"No she doesn't," Luke tries to comfort me.

"Yes I do," Liz replies walking in.


4. Closet

Hannah's POV

I was sitting on the living room floor, watching TV, while eating my cereal.

"Where have you been?!" my mom yells at my dad for coming home late from a party. He ignores the question and sits on the couch next to me, changing the channel.

"I was watching that..." I mumble, receiving nothing but a glare from him.

"But the damn controller down and listen to me!" my mom yells again.

Again, he says nothing, until he finally had enough of her rambling and decided to yell back.

I was literally in between their argument, so I decided to get up and leave for school.

Once I left the door, I started walking. They probably didn't even notice I was gone.

"Hey H," Derek runs towards me, kissing my head. "H" was his nickname for me. I didn't really like it but I guess it was cute...

"Hey," I reply walking with him.

"So, the guys and I were gonna go hang over at my place. Wanna come?" he asks shoving my arm a bit.

"Yeah sure, can Jade come?" I say because I don't want to be the only girl there again.

Last time I hung out with just me and his friends, they started to try and get my to sleep with them. Derek ended up beating them, but forgave them the next the day and acted like none of it even happened.

"I already invited her," he tells me.

"Cool, what time?"

"Tonight, around 10."

We had already gotten to the school and there was about 5 minutes till the first class.

"Got it, I'll see you tonight," I smile before going inside.

A Couple Hours Later...

"You guys have half an hour to complete the test. Begin," Mrs. Hemmings tells .

I flip the test over to start, but sigh when I see the first question.

Before you ask, yes, I did forget to study.

I look to my side and see some kid already almost done.

I lean in carefully and begin to copy whatever he had on his test.

Honestly, I'm so glad Mrs. Hemmings moved me. If I was still sitting next to Jade, and tried to copy of her test, id most likely fail since she's just as stupid as me.


I look up front and see Mrs. Hemmings watching me as I cheated.

She gives me the 'come over here look' and I get up.

"Yes?" I ask her.

"Were you cheating off of Bryan's test?" she asks.

I try and think of an excuse but gave up.

"Yeah," I reply looking her in the eye.

All I could see was disappointment. I don't see why she's disappointed though since I've done worst things than this.

Before she could say anything, the blonde freak that got me caught yesterday walked in.

He looked at me for not even a second before talking to his mother.

"Mum, do you know where the cafeteria is? I'm starving," he tells her.

"Hold on one second," she says, and looks back at me, "Hannah, I need you to take this note to the office," she hands me an envelope with a note inside.

"What about the test?" I ask.

"You will take the test after school when you can't cheat," she explains.

"Whatever," I reply walking past Luke and out the door.

As I was going towards the office Luke came up from behind me.

"What do you want Blondie?" I ask, not looking over at him.

"First Pretty Boy? Now Blondie?" he laughs.

"That's what you are, right?" I say.

"Anyways, mind telling me where the cafeteria is?" he asks.

"Why should I help you? You got me in trouble last time, remember?"

"Your acting like you've never gotten in trouble before, which is a lie," he looks at me and I look back.

"Down the hall first door to your right," I tell him walking away.

"Your not coming?" he asks.

"I've got a note to deliver," I hold it up in the air and continue to walk.

• • • • •

"Thank you Hannah," the lady at the office tells me. I forgot her name.

"Yeah, whatever..." I reply walking out.

Once I stepped foot out of that office, I felt some grab my hand roughly and pull me into a janitors closet.





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