Single dads club 5sos

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When 5sos are left alone with kids diapers suddenly become a problem. A big one


3. chapter 3-"more than words can explain"

Chapter 3


I can't lie; looking after twins single-handedly isn't easy. It's tiring and surprisingly difficult. No don't get me wrong-I love Scout and Jack with all my heart and I will do everything I could to help them live the best life possible without a mother figure.

Chuckling, I picked Scout up from her crib and took her down to the living room where Jack already was. Almost as soon as I put her down I heard the post fall through the letterbox and to the floor. Making sure the two children were occupied, I sighed and went to pick it up. There were many cards saying how they were sorry for my loss but they felt forced: fake.

Screaming was now heard around the house as both babies began to cry simultaneously. To be honest, I wanted to cry at how pressurising the job of being a single dad was. Sleep was minimal, and instead of taking the time to do things for me, all of the decisions I made were, in some way, going to affect the twins.

But, despite all the problems, they were the only thing I had left and I loved them more than words can explain. Walking back upstairs with a child in each hand is difficult to say the least and there was a constant nagging worry over my head which lasted until I was safely up the stairs and in a room with no immediate hazards.

Now, despite the twins being small, having held both of them for a while now, my arms were becoming numb so I put them down on my bed and climbed in with them- just talking to and playing with them.

I could tell from the slowing movements and gently closing eyes that they would soon be asleep, and they looked so peaceful I just didn't have the heart to take them back to their own room.

Scout's soft hair tickled my arm as she snuggled into me. On my other side Jack was just about ready to drop off. Leaning over carefully, I managed to turn off the bedside lamp without waking either of the children up. The room was now silent about from the quiet, steady breaths of my twins. Despite having being their father for three months already, it still seemed unreal to me that not one, but two small humans were part of me, and part Cathy. It made me happy that her memory would remain, and it made me even happier to think that they were our children.

Finally tired, I laid my head down next to Jack and Scout before pulling the blankets over us all, praying for at least a few hours of sleep before I was woken up by the crying, and for the cycle to begin again.


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