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When 5sos are left alone with kids diapers suddenly become a problem. A big one


2. chapter 2-"my balls created this"

Chapter 2


Looking after a baby is a lot harder than expected. I mean it is nothing like those dolls that eat, wee, burp and fart. Oh no  the real life thing has an additional feature. The real life thing has sick, poo and diapers.


Babies are Satans children. They are literally the devil. I can't go out now at all and I have not even decided on a name for my child.

But through all this I guess I really am starting to love my baby. To think my balls created this.

Unfortunately I can't go out anymore and got drunk and have a good time but I guess I'm growing up. And my whole family says it's time.

Maybe it's time to show my mum my baby then maybe I can get some help. Yeah I'll just cal Liz now. (All hail queen Liz)

She said she is arriving any minute I did not tell her why she was coming over I just said I have to tell you something. She hates it when I do that.  A knock at the door broke me from my thoughts and I answered it to see my mum. She pulled me in for a hug.

Once we pulled apart I said "i have to show you something" and I grabbed her hand and pulled her in to the house. I walked over to the crib on the middle of the room and I let her see my baby.

"Well this is something Luke. What are you going to do with it?" Mum questioned.

"I decided it is time for me to learn responsibility so I am keeping it" I replied.

She nodded. After making coffee we talked for a while over what she had been doing and eventually she left. It was late so I get my baby and took her upstairs where I put her crib next to the bed.

And I fell asleep.

I was woken up to the cries of a baby. I groaned and walked over to her to try and settle her down to get some more sleep.




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