Single dads club 5sos

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When 5sos are left alone with kids diapers suddenly become a problem. A big one


1. chapter 1-"single dads"

Chapter 1


She stormed out of my life. Leaving me with our two month old baby called Olivia. I cried so hard for hours. The only thing that pulled me together was knowing that my daughter needed me.

I was not going to pathetically lounge about all day feeling sorry for

Myself. Oh no I am going to be the best dad ever.

I picked Olivia up and cuddled her close to me as I sat on the couch and turned the TV on as she fell asleep.


I love my life. I'm a single man. I get drunk hook up and have a blast. That is why I don't want a girlfriend because they would tie me down.

A harsh knock at the door disrupted me from my thoughts. Who could that be I'm not expecting any one.

I opened the door to see a basket. I picked it up and put it down on my coffee table.

I opened it and there was a baby and a note. I picked up the note in confusion and read.

Dear luke

I am not ready for the commitment of mother hood. And the baby is yours so I'm passing it down to you.

Good luck xxx

Rosie xox

How dare she leave me like this. I'm not ready to look after a child. Well now that I have our baby I will never let Rosie see it again.


Her heart flatlined as they lifted the second baby. They wheeled the baby's out and shoved me out of the room.

You see this was supposed to be a happy day. My beautiful girlfriend Emma was giving birth to our children. But in a turn of events her heart flatlined.

Tears streamed down my face at the fact she may not life. My worry was shortly over as a doctor Wales out the room.

"I'm sorry mr. Hood we could not save her."

I was crushed the love of my life was gone. At least I have the twins.


I gently placed one of our little baby's down in the crib. I was so lucky to have them. They are called scout and Jack.

My girlfriend is called Cathy. I'm so happy we are together.

We settled down in bed together and fell asleep.

The next morning I looked over to see Cathy asleep. I shook her to wake her up but nothing happened. I was worried now. I checked her pulse and there wasn't one.

I ran to the phone and called and ambulance and a few minutes later it arrived. I rushed to show them where she was.

As they checked her one of them said "I'm sorry she's gone. It seems her heart failed during the night. It was painless for her."

I am torn why didn't she tell me she had heart problems. I loved and still love her so much.


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