My Prince | H.S |

He gives me a sideways glance, a grin playing at his lips.

"You know, the people that love you most are often the ones who don't show it."
I stare at Harry.

"And that means?"

Harry goes silent and quickly looks away.

"Nothing." His smile disappears. "It means nothing."


1. Chapter 1

I groan loudly as my alarm invades my dream. I roll over and wave my hand wildly, trying to find the snooze button. I wince as my wrist smacks against my dresser, and I pull my arm back.

"Ow," I mutter, flopping my limp limb back onto my bed. My eyes scrunch as the annoying sound continues to beep obnoxiously. Finally, I heave a sigh and force my eyes open. I reach over and shut off the alarm, relieved as silence hit my room once again.

Now I have to go to the office and face Michel. I moan and throw my arms over my face. Facing Michel meant I could lose my job.

I trudge into my bathroom and into the shower. Slowly, I undress, feeling like a zombie. I could feel the bags under my eyes. I'd gotten little to no sleep last night, thanks to Harry.

"Why does that boy refuse to let me sleep?" I snap, rubbing my eyes. Texting me until four in the morning about aliens was not important, no matter how much he argued about it.

I wash my hair, relishing in the hot water on my skin. I eventually convince myself to get out, and I stumble to my closet. I stare blankly at my clothes.

"When the hell did I get such ugly clothes?" I ask myself, checking the back. I roll my eyes and randomly grab a pair of sweatpants, a tank top and mixed-matched socks. I throw a coat over my shoulders and slip on my shoes as I head downstairs.

Just as I reach the bottom step, my phone beeps its familiar ring, signalling I've got a text. I grab my phone out of my coat pocket as I search for my Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Hey Bae, I'll pick you up in five, cool? - H

I smile to myself. That was the best thing about Harry, he prevented me from driving with my brother. I ignore the 'Bae'. He always called me that, even though he knew I thought it was annoying.

I practically inhale my cereal so I don't have to eat it in Harry's car. Just as I put my bowl in the sink, I hear my brother, Jaxon, run down the stairs. My jaw sets in pre-annoyance.

"Hey, sis." Jaxon whistled as he shoved me away from the cabinet, snatching the Cinnamon Toast Crunch from the counter.

"I was eating that!" I pinch Jaxon and he yelps in pain.

"Hey!" Jaxon frowns. "Shouldn't your boyfriend have picked you up by now?"

I blush furiously, my cheeks warm. "Harry is NOT my boyfriend!" Jaxon smirks and shakes his head. He pours his cereal and eats a spoonful.

"Whatever you say, sis." I'm about to protest, but a honk from outside interrupts me. Jaxon chuckles. "Speak of the devil."

Annoyed, I smack Jaxon's arm and stomp outside. I slam Harry's car door as I hop into his car. Harry looks over at me, a warm smile on his face.

"Jaxon?" He guessed.

"Yeah." I say breathlessly. "But I don't want to talk about it." I blush again as I think about the argument.

Harry nods in understanding. "We're late anyway." Harry purses his lips in thought. "But at least we work together, right?"

I can't help but smile. "Yeah, Haz, it's great." I look over at Harry's concerned face. "Honestly, I'm fine. Let's go before we have hell to pay from Jean." He smiles softly.

"Right, sorry." Harry swallows nervously. "I just care about you, y'know? Or- whatever." He quickly starts the car and goes quiet.

I shake my head. "I know, Harry." I squeeze his arm and give him a grin. "How about my new CD I made?" I pull it out from Harry's car box, and slid it into the stereo.

"I call it Faith's Super Awesome Mix CD Of Amazingness." Harry laughs loudly at the ridiculous name. I join him as the music starts.

Harry rolls his eyes as Single Ladies blasts from the stereo. "Come on!" I argue. "It's a classic, man!"

"You're strange." Harry comments, pulling into the main road.

"But that's why you love me." I mock, stretching my feet on the dashboard.

Harry suddenly has a faraway look in his eyes. "Yeah." He blinks quickly and regains his smile. "But we're here, so unfortunate," he reaches over and shuts off the stereo. "No Beyonce for you."

"Aww!" I complain, pouting. I give him my puppy eyes and stick out my bottom lip. Harry smiles fondly and bites his lip. He shakes his head softly.

"Time for work, Faith." I giggle as he runs around the hood and opens my door for me. We enter the building, sighing as the stiff feeling of adult hood hits us.

"I can't believe we work Saturdays now." Harry mutters as he waves at Warren, the head of the office. "Isn't school and work on the weekdays enough?"

"Aw, life is tough." I pat his arm mockingly. He brushes my hand off with his own, but wraps his arm around my shoulders.

"I'd feel better about it if you promise me supper after work. My treat."

"Sure, Haz." He grins, his dimples showing. He kisses my cheek and rushes to his office door, but not before making an exaggerated heart on his chest. I roll my eyes but I make the same gesture back at him. He points to me and laughs as he closes his door.

I head to my own office to finish my work, thinking about Harry the whole way there.

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