The Hybrid Girl

Samantha Klett always thought she was normal. But then she sees her dad killed by a vampire. Her best friend, Tom Kirkwood keeps her alive and saves her. Tom has been keeping a secret from Samantha his entire life but now she will find out what that secret is. Her real father, Virion, now knows that he has a daughter and he will find her and do whatever it takes to get her on his side. And so will every supernatural. Now she has to do whatever it takes to not get killed and save everyone from Virion's wrath. How will she keep everyone safe?

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7. Chapter 6 Getting Attacked Part 2

Chapter 6

Tom's POV

I am so worried about Sam. She has been asleep for 2 days. I haven't even left her side since we got to the hospital.


I called 911 and told them what happened. 10 minutes later I heard the sirens come closer to Sam and I. Sam fell into unconsciousness and I was getting really worried about her. When the rogue went through the windshield it slammed into my stomach really hard. A couple of my ribs are probably broken. It was starting to get hard to breath. The ambulance got to us and put Sam in the ambulance first then they picked me up. They drove to the hospital and got us in a room together. It was getting harder for me to breath.

They put one of those oxygen masks over my mouth and checked for any injuries. They saw my stomach and it looked like it was covered in bruises. It hurt so bad. They took me to a different room to do an x-ray. The x-ray showed up and it looked like I had 3 ribs broken. They pushed me out of the room and put some gauze around my stomach. I layed down and asked if Sam was alright. "Well, her wrist is bitten and it looks like she has a broken rib. She will be fine, but she will be in pain. Both of you will be from your broken ribs," The doctor explained.

I sighed and said," Ok, thanks."

"We called your family and Miss Klett's family. They should be here soon."

I looked over at Sam and she was still asleep. "How long til she wakes up?" I asked.

"I'm not sure. It depends on how bad she handles the injuries." The doctor answered. I tried getting up to go sit by her but the doctor then told me that I need to rest or it will hurt worse.

Flashback over

The only time I left her side is when I had to go to the bathroom or my mom would make me go home and take a shower. I make my family get me food. I have been holding onto Sam's hand since we got to the hospital. If anybody went near Sam I had to stop myself from growling at them. My mom was so worried. When she got to the hospital she was crying and Dad had to calm her down. When Sam's mom got here to the hospital she started crying too.

All of the sudden Sam's heart started to pump a little faster. I looked over and her eyes were open. I sighed relieved and got up to hug Sam, but I stopped when a pain went through my stomach. I grabbed onto my stomach and sat back down carefully. Sam's mom got up and went to Sam's side. Sam tried to talk but she couldn't get anything. Mom handed her some water and Sam drank it up like crazy.

I grabbed onto her hand and laid my head back on the chair. Relief flowed through me. Sam's safe. "Tommy, are you alright?" Sam asked softly.

I leaned forward and said," I'm fine, you're the one that has been asleep for 5 days." Sam looked at me shocked.

"5 days?" I nodded and squeezed her hand. Sam's mom kissed her on the forehead.


Sam's POV

All I saw was black. I could hear breathing by me. Wait! I can hear people breathing easily. That isn't normal. Oh well. I shouldn't worry about it now. I tried opening my eyes and got them open. Tom was sitting by me and was holding onto my hand. I tried to talk but my throat was really dry.

My mom handed me a cup of water. I drank all of it really fast. I looked over at Tom and saw that he looked in pain. "Tommy, are you alright?" I asked worriedly.

He leaned towards me and said," I'm fine, you're the one that has been asleep for 5 days."

Shock ran through me. I was asleep for 5 days. "5 days?" I asked.

My mom kissed me on the forehead and said,"Oh my baby girl. Are you alright?"

"Mom! I'm fine," I said reassuringly. My mom sniffled and so did Mama bear.

The doctor came in and said," Your awake! So, Sam how do you feel?"

"Tired!" I replied.

The doctor laughed and asked," Does anything hurt?"

"Just my wrist and stomach. The animal rammed into my stomach." I said.

"Ok! Well that's normal for right now. I'll give you some pain meds," The doctor explained. "You know you are very lucky. Your boyfriend called 911 right away and he hasn't left your side since you both got here," The doctor said. Mama bear raised her eyebrows at us.

I blushed.

The doctor smiled at us and said," I will go have a nurse get your meds."

"Wait!" I said quickly before he left.

"Yes?" He asked.

"When can I leave?" I asked. I don't like hospitals, it reminds me too much of what happened with dad.

"Well I would recommend that you stay tonight," he looks at Tom," and you too."

"Well all right," my mom said.

The doctor smiled at all of us and left the room. A nurse came in and gave me some pain meds and said," Take some tylonel if your wrist starts to hurt."

"Ok, thanks!" I replied. The nurse smiled at me and said," Your welcome." She looks at her wrist and looks shocked. "I'm sorry to have to tell you this but all visitors have to leave."

Mom looked upset. "Will, you guys be alright if we leave?" Mama bear asked. We both nodded our heads. Everybody gave us hugs and said goodbye. Before Mama bear left she turned around and said," If either of you need any of us just call us. We don't care what time of night it is."

"Ok." Tom said. She left and the door shut behind her. Tom looked over at me. I looked back at him confused. He looked like he wanted to say something but then he was changing his mind.

I raised my eyebrows and said," What is it Tom?"

Tom sighed and said," Well you know the animal that was in front of us? And the one that bit you?"

"Yeah! What about it?" I asked.

"Well, the animal was a rogue." He said.

"Wait! What? What is a rogue? Explain!" I said.

Tom rolled his eyes at me and said," A rogue is a werewolf that doesn't have an alpha. It isn't in a pack. It could happen if they didn't like being controlled or their pack got killed."

"Oh." I said. "Why are we talking about the wolf then?" I asked.

"Because he bit you. I told dad and he said you will might shift on the next full moon. Before you couldn't shift because you aren't full werewolf and you have other supernatural blood in you but since it bit you it got its saliva in your blood so you might shift at the full moon," Tom explained.

I cringed and asked," Does it hurt when you shift?"

"I don't know. When I shift it doesn't hurt but you are different. We'll have to wait until you shift," Tom said. o

"Ok," I said worriedly. Tom grabbed my hand.

He squeezed my hand and said," Don't worry. I will be there with you and I will always protect you."

"Promise?," I asked.

"I promise." Tom said before he hugged me.


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