The Hybrid Girl

Samantha Klett always thought she was normal. But then she sees her dad killed by a vampire. Her best friend, Tom Kirkwood keeps her alive and saves her. Tom has been keeping a secret from Samantha his entire life but now she will find out what that secret is. Her real father, Virion, now knows that he has a daughter and he will find her and do whatever it takes to get her on his side. And so will every supernatural. Now she has to do whatever it takes to not get killed and save everyone from Virion's wrath. How will she keep everyone safe?

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14. Chapter 12

Chapter 12

***Dinner Time***

After getting that done with we all decided to have a movie night and just relax. I was still upset that Tom wouldn't just trust me from the very start but I ignored it so I could have a good time. Mom went home and got Deadpool. I grinned. I was way too obsessed with Deadpool and after seeing the movie I have a whole new respect for Ryan Reynolds. Mom put it in while Papa Bear called in some pizza to be delivered.

The movie came up right away. I grabbed a blanket and leaned into Tom who was sitting right beside me. He stiffened at first but then relaxed. My eyebrows furrowed and I stood up and went to his room. If Tom didn't want to be around me then I would just hide in his room and go home and sleep in my own bed tonight. I sat in his bed and just stared at the ground. I could still feel the ring in my pocket so I pulled it out and put it on my middle finger. My body suddenly relaxed.

I could already feel the calming effects from it. The door opened but I ignored it and continued to stare at the big tan diamond. The bed dipped down and I instantly smelled Tom's woodsy scent. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing." I mumbled.

He snorted. "Sam, I know when you are upset. You can't just lie and say it's nothing."

I sighed and looked at him. "Do you not trust me?"

"I trust you with every fiber in my being." Tom said lowly. "Why would you ever even for a second think that I didn't trust you?"

"Because... you were so against trusting Jonathon."

"Sam, it's him I don't trust. I have always trusted you and that will never stop. I don't trust him because he just all of the sudden reached out to your, and he is Virion's kid." He said pointedly.

I sighed. "Yeah."

"And I know you trust him but it will just take me a while to trust him."

"Ok." He kissed my neck and I sighed. His lips moved up to my cheek and right when his lips were about to touch mine someone knocked on the door. We both groaned.

"Well sorry. I guess you don't want to watch Deadpool." Ty said sassily. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"Do we really have to go watch it when we could be in here instead?" Tom mumbled while he kissed my neck again. I rolled my head back.

"Maybe not." I felt him smile against my neck and shivered.

"Guys, are you coming or not?" Ty yelled while knocking on the door.

"No." Tom growled. He stood up quickly and locked the door then turned around. He looked at me like he wanted to eat me for dinner. My whole body heated up. There was a sparkle in his eyes. He moved towards me quickly and pushed me down on the bed. I blushed and he put his body on top of mine.

He started to kiss me and I moaned. "Your family is still out there." I mumbled between kisses.

He leaned back and grinned wickedly. "Guess you'll have to be quiet then."

My mouth opened in shock and he used that to his advantage. He leaned down and started to kiss me again, slipping his tongue into my mouth. Tom growled again and slowly started to life his hand in my shirt. My heartbeat was erratic and I'm sure that anybody could hear it. I lifted my hands up and ran them through his hair. He groaned and moved his lips down to my neck.

All of a sudden someone was banging on the door. "You guys better not be doing what I think you are doing." I could tell it was Papa Bear that yelled that. I blushed and hid my face in Tom's shirt.

Tom cleared his throat. "No, you're just hearing things." I snorted and he glared at me. He put his finger up to his mouth to tell me to be quiet and started to kiss me again.

Then there was more banging on the door again. "Hey, both of you. Stop it!" Tom groaned and I rolled my eyes. "Stop acting like teenagers... wait... you are teenagers, never mind."

I snickered and before I could do anything else Tom was pulling me off of the bed. "You go ahead and go out there, I have to go to the bathroom real quick." I raised my eyebrows but nodded. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him towards me to kiss him again. After getting another kiss I grinned and walked out before he could grab me. I sat on the couch and avoided eye contact with anybody. I knew they would bother me about it.

"So..." Ty started to say.

"Don't start." I said.

"Ok, ok." He held his hands up in surrender. 'Cough' "Sex Addicts." 'Cough'

I turned to him and glared. "Ty..." I shrieked. I got up ready to attack him but before he could he ran for his room. "Ty! I'm going to kill you." I yelled. Before his door closed I slammed it open and started to hit him on the shoulder. All he was doing was laughing though. "Asshole." I huffed and walked out. Everybody was staring at me. I automatically reacted by blushing. And of course that was when Tom came out of his room. So now they were staring at Tom and I.

The doorbell rang and I sighed in relief. Must be the pizza guy. Papa Bear got off of the couch and went straight to the door. Opening the door he reached into his pocket and grabbed some money out of his wallet. He handed the money to the guy and closed the door after grabbing the pizza boxes. The rest of the night was filled with laughter and the feeling of peace.


Hey everybody! So I know this chapter isn't very good. I am still having writers block but luckily I could at least get a filler chapter in. I don't know when I will update again so just a warning. I am still trying to get over my writers block. Please favorite, like, and comment!

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