The Hybrid Girl

Samantha Klett always thought she was normal. But then she sees her dad killed by a vampire. Her best friend, Tom Kirkwood keeps her alive and saves her. Tom has been keeping a secret from Samantha his entire life but now she will find out what that secret is. Her real father, Virion, now knows that he has a daughter and he will find her and do whatever it takes to get her on his side. And so will every supernatural. Now she has to do whatever it takes to not get killed and save everyone from Virion's wrath. How will she keep everyone safe?

Copyright notice. © 2015 by Twinsrule99 All rights reserved


1. Chapter 1 The day my life turned around

~~Chapter 1

Samantha's POV

"Dad can I go inside now," I asked.

My dad sighed. "Okay I will be there in a minute." We were in the garage fixing his friend's car. It was so nice out since it's summer. Dad forced me to come outside with him. School started soon and I'm not excited, at all.

I go inside and decide to get some food out for a sandwich. I grabbed the bread, mayo, cheese, and ham. I opened the cupboard and got a paper plate out and put some bread on the plate. My stomach growled while I put the ham and cheese on the bread. I put everything back up and took my plate into the living room with me.

I sat down and looked through the channels. I turned on NCIS. I smiled. This is one of dad's favorite tv shows. All of the sudden the sound of the ax hitting the wood stopped.

"Dad are you coming inside? I turned on NCIS," I called out to him. There was no reply. "Dad!" I said as I started to walk out the back door.

When I saw the backyard it was empty. I started freaking out. Where was dad? Where did he go?

I started walking towards the woods and was screaming "Dad!" I was now freaking out so much that I was running through the woods behind my house. I started to see a clearing. When I got behind a tree I looked around it and saw my dad and a stranger yelling at each other. The stranger was a beautiful woman in a pretty red dress that sculpted to her body perfectly. Her curly brown hair went all the way down to her waist. I was confused. I had never seen this woman before.

They were both yelling at each other and looked really angry. I was getting ready to step out and call dad's name when all of the sudden the woman's face had veins all over it and her teeth were pointy, like a vampire. What the hell is going on? Why are her teeth like a vampires? She lunged towards my dads throat. He tried to fight her off but it looked like she was too strong for him. She sunk her teeth into his throat. I screamed and she looked up. Her eyes were filled with hate.

I was frozen, I couldn't think. She ran towards me but before she hit me a huge wolf came out of nowhere and slammed into her. I felt someone grab me from behind and turn me around. I looked up and saw my best friend, Tom Kirkwood.

"Don't move," he whispered into my ear.

 I tried moving out of his grip but he just held onto me more tightly. "Tom! Let go of me. I have to get to dad." I cried out.

"Just wait until the vampire is dead."

I looked at him like he was crazy and screamed," My dad might be bleeding out on the ground right now. Let me go!"

Tom sighed and let me go. I ran out into the field. I looked over and saw the vampire being ripped apart by the wolf. I stopped for a second and looked at her with horror, but then I remembered why I ran out in the first place. I looked around and saw dad lying on the ground. I sprinted toward him and fell to the ground beside him.

His neck was bleeding a lot. I put my hands over it to try and slow the bleeding. My hands couldn't stop shaking. Dad was breathing hard. "Daddy? It's going to be alright, ok?" I said shakily. I turned around and yelled," Call 911!"

 I heard the sounds of someone hitting buttons on their phone. Tom came over and handed me his shirt. He had his phone in his hand. I sniffled and put it over dad's neck. Tears ran down my face and fell on dad's bloodied shirt.

I couldn't even tell anymore if dad was breathing anymore. I started to hyperventilate. "Tom? There's too much blood."

Tom swallowed. "The ambulance is coming."

Right after Tom said that I heard sirens coming this way.


Hey, this is my first story. This whole story will most likely be Sam's POV, but I will tell you if there will be any Tom POV's. So please vote, comment, and tell your friends about this book if you like it. :)

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