I'm His Twin?

When Kaden Horan's 'mom' tells him about being pop singer Niall Horan's twin brother. He and tried to find him. It turns out that he lives only a little bit away from the Horan's residents.


9. Chapter 9

The guys stared at us in surprise. I sat on the couch, and Abbie clung to me.

"OH MY GOD!!!! YOU'RE ONE DIRECTION!!" She screamed. She pecked me on the lips, and said

"Thank you sooo much Kaden! You're the best."  We always had this thing, where we pecked each others lips, but we were just best friends. We never dated, even though everyone thought we were. 

"A-are you two dating?!" Niall yelled, and plopped down next to us.

Abbie laughed, and said "No. We're just friends." I nodded, and she yelled "FEFA!!! OMG DID YOU TELL THEM HOW GOOD YOU ARE?!?"  I smirked, and said

"No, I showed them"  Abbie said 

"Guys, you'll get used to it. He's just a bo$$" I rolled my eyes, and said 

"So how long will you be staying, Princess?" She turned around on my lap so she was 'straddling' me. 

"As long as it's ok with you all, I was going to stay for a couple days." I looked at the guys, and they nodded. She squealed, and buried her face in my chest. 

"I can't believe you know One Direction!!" She yelled, and I said

"Yea…" I said, and she grabbed my arm, and pulled me up. 

"Pllllease dance with me! I haven't seen you in forever." 

"Umm No." I said to Abbie, and She tackled me to the floor. She had her food on my *area*. 

"Dance with me, or I step." I looked at her foot, and shook my head.

"You wouldn't." I say, and she smirks, stepping down hard.

"OWWW!!!!" I scream, and sit up, scooting away from her. I bit my lip to keep from crying.

"Dance.With.Me" She says, and pulls me up. I cringe, but I felt her rub slightly. 

"Sorry, baby" she said, and I nodded. I saw the guy's mouths drop. 

"Please Dance with me" She said, and I nodded. We went to an open area in the room behind the couch, and we started dancing to "Lost in reality"

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