I'm His Twin?

When Kaden Horan's 'mom' tells him about being pop singer Niall Horan's twin brother. He and tried to find him. It turns out that he lives only a little bit away from the Horan's residents.


7. Chapter 7

*Liam's P.O.V*

I watched as Kaden's chest moved as he breathed. I look down at his wrist, and gasped. I grabbed his write, trying not to wake him up, and I showed Niall the scars. Niall looked down at them, and he immediately sat Kaden up, and I heard him groan loudly. 

"Kaden. Up, Now." Niall said, forcefully.

I saw Kaden's eyes flutter open, and look at Niall. I realized I still had his wrist, and I let go. 

"Why did you cut yourself?!" Niall yelled, and Kaden looked down a his wrist. I could already tell he was afraid of his brother, and I knew Niall will have to break down the wall that was protecting Kaden's heart, that made him not say anything.

"Kaden Declan Horan, answer me NOW!" Niall said, infasizing the now.

"I.. Niall.. I was bullied, and hated so much at my old school.. Even at home." Kaden said, and I took him from Niall, and I cuddled him tightly, trying to comfort him. 

"Please Kaden, Please don't do that anymore.. Where's the blade?" Niall asked softly.

Kaden reached into his pocket, and brought out a small blade. I saw Niall rip it from his grasp, but not before Kaden raked it across his wrist.

"KADEN!" Niall screamed, and ran to get a towel, as the blood flowed from Kaden's wrist. Niall wrapped it around Kaden's wrist, as Kaden started bawling. 

"shh… Kaden, it's ok, shh.." I said, and held him across my lap, rocking him back and forth. 

"What happen?" Mrs. Horan yelled as she ran into the room.

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