I'm His Twin?

When Kaden Horan's 'mom' tells him about being pop singer Niall Horan's twin brother. He and tried to find him. It turns out that he lives only a little bit away from the Horan's residents.


6. Chapter 6

*Before you guys read this, Niall Isn't really mean, he's just mad that his brother was getting hate mail on Facebook. Byyyyye -Abbie_Hemmings


I buried my face in my mom's shoulder, and I heard Niall say

"Guys, we need to do something about this."

"No! Niall. Don't." I say, but he ignores me. He put my phone in his lap, and gets his, and types on 

"@Niall_Horan- I love my perfect twin brother. *Picture Of Kaden and Niall*"

"@Louis_Tomlinson- Truly amazing. He's like my little Bro."

"@Liam_Payne- Adorable too. Veeery Ticklish."

"@Harry_Styles- He's also a huge fan of the band, which is a plus."

"@Zayn_Malik- Every Directioner, follow @Kaden_Horan!"

I looked at my phone as it blew up with notifications. I looked at them, and they all hugged me tightly.

"I'm sorry for hitting you, Ka. I was just frustrated." Niall said, and rubbed my forearm.

I nodded, and I felt him pull me from 1D's grasp, and he yanked me onto his lap. I felt him wrap his arms around me, and push my face into his shoulder. 

"I'll never hit you on purpose again." I heard him whisper in my ear. 

I was out cold in one second flat.

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