I'm His Twin?

When Kaden Horan's 'mom' tells him about being pop singer Niall Horan's twin brother. He and tried to find him. It turns out that he lives only a little bit away from the Horan's residents.


4. Chapter 4

I sat on the couch, and watched the boys play their video game for a bit, before I got smacked with a pillow. 

"Ow." I said, glaring at Harry. 

"Sorry.. Nah No I'm Not." He said, giggling. I rolled my eyes, and turned my attention back to the tv.

I looked up when a 12 year old girl came into the room, and yelled


I facepalmed, and I saw our mom come down.

"Teagan, this is your older brother, Kaden. He's Niall's twin, so there aren't two Nialls." I heard her say, and I saw the girl come closer, and stood in front of me. 

"Ow!" I screamed when she slapped me hard across the face.

"OMG HE REALLY IS REAL!" She yelled, and sat on my lap. I raised an eyebrow, and I felt her turn around on my lap.

"Can I play on your phone?" She asked, giving me the puppy dog eyes. I leaned up, and pulled it out of my pocket, and handed it to her. 

"Yay, you're way better than these idiots!" she said, and I giggled.

"Ohhh, draaama." she sang, and scrolled trough my messages.

"Oh, um sweety.. you don't want to read that.." I said, but she already saw all of the hate messages posted.

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