I'm His Twin?

When Kaden Horan's 'mom' tells him about being pop singer Niall Horan's twin brother. He and tried to find him. It turns out that he lives only a little bit away from the Horan's residents.


1. Chapter 1


I continued silently packing my bags. I can't believe my adopted mom has hid this from me for so long.. how could she? I heard a knock on my door, and I shoved my suitcase under my bed. She couldn't know I was leaving, because she would stop me. I opened my too, and said


"Kaden, I'm sorry I shouldn't have kept it from you, but I expect you to respect me." I nodded, and I saw her go back down stairs. I shut my door and lock it before I hurriedly finished packing. I had packed only the things I needed, like clothes and the picture of my and my twin.. Niall Horan. I snuck behind my adopted mom, and I ran out the door. I threw my bags into my green mustang, before driving off. I know where my brother lives, and I'm not stopping until I find him.

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