What Have You Done.? *punk afi*

"Fuck off Irwin." I say annoyed.
"I don't think so babe." He pulls me closer to his chest.
"Let go of me." I groaned trying to get out his grip.
He chuckles leaning his head down connecting his lips to my bare neck.
I shut my eyes bitting my bottom lip.
"A-ash." I softly say with a quiet moan.
"Let yourself go babe."
Moments later I was laying on his bed with him hovering over me.
What has he done to me.?


5. Nah.

*next day*

Ashton's (P.O.V)

     I walked to class with the guys as I see Savannah sitting in her seat in the back. I smirk its game time. I walk to the seat next to her. "Hey." I simply say.

    "What.?" She said looking over at me.

     "Ok calm down I just said hey." I chuckle.

     She rolls her eyes.  I shake my head moving my desk right next to hers.

    "Do you mind." She said annoyed.

     I shake my head "nope."

     She groans laying her chin in her hand.

      The teacher walks in as the bell rang. She started talking about God knows what. I look over at Anna as she wrote in her notebook.

      I put my hand under my desk as I find my way to her thigh.

      She looks over at me with a death glare as I just smirk.

      She slaps my hand away before writing in her book once more.

     I chuckle shaking my head placement my hand back in her thigh. I run my hand up slowly, her legs shake a bit at my touch.

     I smile as I ran my hand up right before her entrance. I rub it light as her legs shakes a bit.

She bites her bottom lip holding tightly on her red pen.

"Can you stop." She groaned quietly.

"Nah." I smirk rubbing her harder and a bit faster.

She clears her throat several times.

"Savannah is there something wrong.?" The teacher asked as she stopped writing on the board.

She looked at me at the corner of her eye. "Um no there's nothing wrong." She said softly.

I smirked as the bell rang.

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