What Have You Done.? *punk afi*

"Fuck off Irwin." I say annoyed.
"I don't think so babe." He pulls me closer to his chest.
"Let go of me." I groaned trying to get out his grip.
He chuckles leaning his head down connecting his lips to my bare neck.
I shut my eyes bitting my bottom lip.
"A-ash." I softly say with a quiet moan.
"Let yourself go babe."
Moments later I was laying on his bed with him hovering over me.
What has he done to me.?


8. Detention....love.?

Ashton's (P.O.V)

     I look over at Savannah and smirk. I get up and take her phone.

"What the-" I cut her off by smashing my lips on hers.

She places her hands on my chest and pushes me away. "Ew what the fuck dude.?" She said wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

I chuckle "don't act like you don't want me." I say leaning towards her.

"Ok one back the fuck up. And two I don't want you get that through your hard ass head." She said rolling her eyes.

I sit in the seat in front of her and look up at her. "Just one." I smirk.

"No." She simply said taking her phone from my hand.

"Fine." I say taking her phone away once more.

"Dude really." She said trying to take her phone.

"You won't be getting this back until I get a kiss." I smile.

She groans and pecks my cheek.

"There happy."

"Lips babe."


"Then say bye bye to your phone sweetheart."


She leans forward and kissing my lips I smile kissing her back. I get up still kissing her as I move to her seat standing her up. I wrap my arms around her waist as she wrapped hers around my neck. I smirk licking her bottom lip asking for entrance.

He didn't let me in, so I ran my hand down her waist to her ass as I squeezed it. She gasped giving me the chance to slip my tongue in. Our tongues moved with each other as I moved back leaning her on the wall. I kiss her cheek to her jaw line down to her neck. I roll my tongue down her neck as she let out a soft moan. I suck lightly on her smooth skin leaving a mark.

I kiss her lips before deepening the kiss.She runs her hands through my hair making me groan.

"Jump." I breathe out.

She does as I say wrapping her legs around my waist as I sit her down on the desk. I run my hand down her waist making my way in her shirt. She groans bitting my bottom lip. I move my hand up to her bra squeezing her breast. She moans before I ran my hand down her stomach to her jeans. I kiss her neck unbuttoning her jeans. I place my hand in her pants rubbing her. "Damn your already wet." I groan.

She moans rolling her head back on the wall. I move her panties entering a finger in her.

"S-shit." She moans bitting her lip.

I pump my finger in and out as she digs her nails into my shoulder. I suck on her neck causing a darker mark.

I smirk kissing her lips adding another finger.

Her mouth forms a 'o' shape as she moans. I pump faster causing her legs to shake a bit. I pull out my fingers and smirk.

"What the fuck." She breathes out.

I chuckle as she buttoned her jeans. I hand her phone "You liked that huh." I ask.

She rolls her eyes. "Whatever." She says taking her phone and fixing her hair.

"I have to say you sound sexy when you moan but it'll be sexier if it was my name you were moaning." I whisper in her ear. I look at the time. Detention was over. "See you around Mitchell." I smile pecking her lips once more before walking out the class.

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