What Have You Done.? *punk afi*

"Fuck off Irwin." I say annoyed.
"I don't think so babe." He pulls me closer to his chest.
"Let go of me." I groaned trying to get out his grip.
He chuckles leaning his head down connecting his lips to my bare neck.
I shut my eyes bitting my bottom lip.
"A-ash." I softly say with a quiet moan.
"Let yourself go babe."
Moments later I was laying on his bed with him hovering over me.
What has he done to me.?


13. can we...

Adams pov

"Dude sit in the back." I tell Liam as we waited for Emma and Savannah.

"Why you want your girlfriend to sit here." Liam smirked as Zane chuckled from the back.

"She's not my girlfriend ok it's ju-whoa." I trail off as I see Savannah walk down the sidewalk.

"Close your mouth Adam, Liam might get the wrong idea." Zane Liam's brother jokes as he got off the car.

"Hey I got a girlfriend and no offense." Liam laughs getting out the car as well.

"Hey hey butter boy." Emma said as she hugs Liam.

"Hey loves." He smiles over at them.

"Aah there's my fake bae." Savannah smiles as she walked over to my car window.

"Well hello might I say you look rather hot tonight." I joke with a British accent.

"Why thank blonde boy..and as I tell your accent is rather terrific." She plays on.

"Ok you cheat love birds lets go." Zane says jogging to the car.


Savannah's Pov

We make it to Lydia's house flooded with senior students holding red cups, yelling and cheering as they do body shots off of girls in bikinis.

"There you guys are." Lydia smile walking over to us.

"Hey babe." Liam says kissing her forehead.

"Well pools our back along with a small bar, dance floor is in the living room, beers are in the kitchen and if any of you are into smoking that'll be in the dining room." She explains to us "oh and Anna head up fuckboy is here." She groans rolling her eyes.

"Can't I have just one day with out him." I groan.


It's been 2 hours and no sign of Ash anywhere..thank god.

"Wanna dance?" Adam asks letting down his cup on the counter.

I smirk and nod taking his hand.

"Let me love you" booms out the specks as I move my body to the music.

Adam places his hands on my hips as he pulls me into him, I grind against him moving my head to the side as my hair covered half my face with my hand on Adams necks.

"Mind if I cut in." I hear a annoying familiar voice.

We look over seeing Ashton eyeing our position.

"Fuck off Irwin." I say letting go of Adam.

"All I'm asking for is a dance." He smirks.

"Not gonna happen smalls." I answer mocking his smirk.

I grab Adam and continue to dance, before feeling a hand on my wrist and pulling me out to the backyard.

"Let go of me." I yell trying to get out of his tight grip....screw his strong hands.

Once we were outside to leads me to the side on the house.

"What's your problem?" He growls at me, letting my wrist go.

I pull my hand to my chest rubbing my burning skin.

"My problem? Really? You're the one who isn't leaving me alone." I argue back annoyed.

He rubs his forehead before groaning.

"You don't get it do you?" He chuckles shaking his head.

"Get what Ashton, your desperate self? Or your need of trying to screw every girl you lay eyes on." I complain letting go of my wrist.

He looks at me before grabbing both my wrist and pining me to the house.

"You're the only girl on my mind Michel." He whispers in my ear.

I bite my lip looking up at him...that's it I couldn't take it.

Some how my body took over me, I got out his grip placing my hands in his cheek and pulling him into a deep kiss.

Caught him off guard but eventually kisses back.

His hands find its way down my back to my hips pulling me closer into him. I ran my through his soft hair tugging lightly on the end. He lets out a soft moan as he squeezes my ass gently. I lean on the wall with his lips finding its way to my neck. I moan as his cold lip ring comes in contact with my sweet spot above my collarbone.

"Can we take this upstairs?"

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