Marriage! (5SOS) (Trilogy of Bitten!)

Before you read it, go to BOOK 1 and BOOK 2, Bitten and Blood!

(Book 3) Amber is now forced to get marry to Ashton by her cruel father.

She's still a half vampire but she's half human.

She still love Luke Hemmings and he still love Amber Rose Rosemary but what's happening when they sleep together?

And what happening if Ashton says 'I do' to her, would Amber say back to him or not?

One of the Werewolves has back with a witch.

Who could be it?

Meanwhile, Amber still meeting with Calum's Wife and aren't friends.

They hate each other...

But they'll get along as well.

Would they?

Would Amber think about become full vampire?

Wouldn't she?

Let me tell you... This story is the final series.


2. Chapter 1


Chapter 1



Four months ago!

I walked away to get my room when I was crying because of my dad, he's a monster, and I got my pain chest when I was still complaining because I'm always human.

Speaking of vampire..!

I'll become full vampire very soon, that's what Micheal told my father when I stood by the living room with Ashton, and I was surprised. 

I grunt softly and groan at the same time.

It's painful!


I get to my room, and I was shocked because I saw two bed. 

I sniff hard, and I sigh annoyingly.

I guess I could get along with another girl who's already a full vampire and marry my one of a best friend, Calum Hood...

I came in to get my bed to sit on it, and I looked around at the room until I spotted at the wardrobe as I was confused.

It's already packed in there..!

I'm sure it's a girl!

With that, I sniffed heavily.

No way!


A bathroom door interrupted my thought as the door opened by a girl, and I turned away from the wardrobe to see the girl. 

I was shocked by knowing this girl!

It was my enemy when we were in the school at London, Sabrina Sky. 


She's already a full vampire.

Luckily for her, she dyes her nature straight dark brown hairs that I remembered into beautiful black curly hairs, and she used to have blue eyes before she now has red colour in her eyes.


I see why her last name is Sky because of her preview eyes.

"Sabrina?" I call out to her very confusedly.

"Amber?" Sabrina calls out to me as well as she looks confused at the same time I call her out.

I looked at who's standing at the door and give me a smirk face.


It's Calum.

"Calum, is it you who choice for this bitchy? Why did you do it?" I asked confusedly.

Sabrina sound shocked and she put her hand in her mouth when I say 'Bitchy' as she makes us to attention toward her. 

What's a Drama Queen?

He looked so confused because we knew each other.

"Did you know this is my wife?" Calum asked.

I sigh annoyingly.

Of course, I do!

"Yes, I do!" I paused.

I sigh out.

Did my dad do it for Calum?

"I didn't choose her. I just met her in the forest. She's walking alone, so I walked with her and suddenly... I found out that she's alone when I take Sab to her house. What I meant is..." He paused to explained.


He just calls her Sab! 

He looked down at the ground and then he looked up at me with his brave face.

Then he put his hands around Sabrina's waist.

"I love her!" Calum continued to say something.

"How sweet are you?" Sabrina says sweetly.

Then she was staring at me when I put disgust look on my face, and she gave me a pissed look on her face as she used her power toward me. 

I groan, and I fell over after a few seconds later. 

I feel like my body part and my face, as well, is hurt at the same time.



It's hurt! 

It's powerful!

With that, I look up at her and then Calum stops her from picking her up as he saves me.

"Hey, put me down!" Sabrina orders.

I can breathe!

I coughed heavily.

What is this power?

"It's what is called 'Pain illusion', right, Sabrina?" Luke appeared in here.

I'm not sure where did he come from...

"Where-" I was cut out by him.

"Well... I did came through the door." Luke turned around to see me.


Oh, yeah!

I entirely forget that Luke can read our mind, expect for Calum, and...

You know-

I paused my thought by forgetting that Luke is next to me and I sighed out.

"By the way... I wonder, how did you two met?" Luke asked as he turned back to see Sabrina.

"It's a long story! But for short, we hate each other because she thought I steal her boyfriend and then we broke our friendship... Because of it, I moved here to lived with you guys and my Dad!" I explain.

"Oh! I thought?" She scoffed while she said 'oh'...

I sigh annoyingly.

Oh, my god!

Here it goes!

"All I know you're my ex-boyfriend, Winn's, crush until I found out you made a move on him!" She complained.


I indeed never made a move on Winn. 

Winn is the handsome boys of the school back in London that every girl who flirts with him but he only had a crush on me because of my beautiful face.

I sigh sadly and then my heart goes pound at once.  

It's hurt a little... 

I can see why did my heart go pound so much!

Because my mum wants me to be happy and I was pleased until Sabrina had arrived to ruin this moment!

I was sad...

Because Sabrina and I were a good friend in back that time.

Even now, we were rival on...

One of us must be married early!!!

I didn't and she did.

"Oh, by the way, congratulations on getting married!" I said sadly.

I walked to my bed and laying down on the bed.

I want to get some sleep!

"Now she got an engagement to Ashton Irwin! Please get along with Amber, will ya?!" Luke shouts to Sabrina.

Luke, please...

For me!

The tears are in my eyes and with that, my heart goes pound when the tears rolled down as I groan.

They walked away from me and they would leave us alone.

Until then, everything went silence!

I looked at the frame of the baby as me, my mum and dad when I looked at my mum.

Her gown's so beautiful!

I picked it up and hug it tight.

I wonder what if her gown were still in this house?

Because I want to wear this gown...

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