If I Could Fly || L.T

Louis and the lads find 4 stones,1 stone for each of them.
Liam is Power.
Niall is light.
Louis is Danger.
Harry is a Champion.
Little did they know that once someone possess each stone,they then get the mark of the stone on they're arm and a evil king rises looking for the stones,the boys then get attacked one night knowing they have to flee home to keep their family safe but what happens when a lost girl with no memory shows up at the lads house with the mark of an eye on her arm also holding another stone.


1. Chapter I


Louis Pov:

"do you hear that?" Niall said quietly looking around.

"Yea what is that?" Liam whispers softly,Harry shrugs his shoulders and we all gather to the big glass window on the third floor to have a better view,only seconds later to be blasted away from the window and throw into the wall behind us.I slowly open my eyes to see pieces of the ceiling on the floor with pipes and wires dangling dangerously above us,i look over my shoulder to see they lads laying on the floor and slowly getting to their feet,i carefully got up and scanned the room only to meet a black figure emerge from the shattered window which now lays in shards on the floor.

"What the fuck do you want?" Harry yells clenching his fists and stepping forwards.

"I want your stones" he said in a deep voice.

"Never in a million years!" Niall yells as lighting circles around his hands and pure white wings form out of his back.

"That's what i expected you to say" he said with a deep laugh as the palm as his hand faces towards us.After that it seemed like everything was in slow motion as Niall quickly grabbed us and covered us with hid wings but they weren't strong enough to stop us from being blasted in the water and unconscious.I slowly woke up to see the boys face down in the sand with ripped clothes,they started to wake up so i stood up wincing as soon as i put pressure on my ankle by the time i got up they were all awake but Niall,we all observed each others ripped clothing then turned Niall on his back but only to be shocked of the sight that was in front of us."Omg! His wing! It's ripped!" Harry says looking at Niall wings closer.

"Hush,hush he's waking up"Liam says backing up

Niall's Pov:

"Ugh what the fuck happened?" I say groaning and then feeling a sharp pain on my back,I carefully stand up to see the lads looking at me with wide eyes and jaws hanging open like they seen a ghost."Why the fuck does my back hurt? and why are you twats staring at me?" I say calmly looking at them.

"Uhh Niall your wing it has a giant rip in it.."Louis says quietly looking at the sand. I glance behind me to see my my wing ripped like someone took a big bite on it. I ball my hands in fists and look up to the house to see the house destroyed,I walk away ignoring the boys shouts and screams telling not me to come back but ignore them and keep walking further away.

Louis Pov:

"Don't worry mate,he will come back" Liam says resting the palm of his hand on my shoulder and then walking away with Harry to see the destruction of the house.

Haha cliffhanger i hope you guys enjoy this book and of course please leave a comment below if you want me to write more and feel free to give some ideas of what you might want to see in this book and i will try my best to fit it in the story and of course i will make the chapter longer but i just want to see if you would enjoy this book but until next time stay healthy and happy.


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