Does it have to be a secret?

"Seriously stop." "Why? Am I bothering you?"
Based on a true story :)
Inspired by: Cara <3


7. 6

lI thought for a minute...

"Ughhhh we have school tomorrow!" I complained.

"Yea... But we have a dance on Friday..." Billy said quietly.

"Really?" I asked surprised.

"Yeah! It's all over the school boards." Emilia exclaimed

"School boards? Weren't those made in like the 1900's?" I joked.

"Yeah but my phone is a piece of shit and won't let me go onto the school website." She explained

"Oh okay..." I giggled

"Hey uh Aly..." Trevor said ssounding nervous.

"Yesssssssss???" I replied.

"You're nice!!!" He exclaimed.

"Thanks Trev." I chuckled

"Fuck... I have to go." Trevor sighed.

"Awee!" We all whined in usion.

"Yeah... Bye" He said sadly and walked out the door



Goodnight!!!!! Love you all!


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