Until him...

My name is Layla Drake and I live in an apocolypse, yeah I know its hard but I'm fine...

I manage fine by myself! Until I met him, he changed everything! I'm not sure yet if it was for better or for worse yet but we'll just have to wait and see I guess...


5. What is this?

My heart was racing, why?

I don't understand...What's happening to me

I brushed it off and me and Daryl walked back to camp in a comfortable silence. 

Once we got back Carol explained to me why we were going out everyday and that it was for her daughter.

I can't imagine what she's going through...I wonder if she feels the way I do about Tilly and Dad.

I start thinking about it more and more and I just can't stop...

When I was younger I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder which basically makes me faint whenever I'm stressed out, yeah I know it's shit!

Later that night after I had finished dinner I began to feel really hot and then it hit me that I'm feeling lust, then i think of Daryl! FUCK!!! Am I in love with the redneck?!? 

I made sure no one was around and then started touching myself when I suddenly heard someone coming


I pulled up my shorts and pretended I was reading a book! 

Just as I did so Daryl came in...

I felt as though there was sexual tension between us because of the dirty thoughts that I had just had about him.

When I started to get tired I out the book down and lay down next to Daryl who immediately as I lay down turned around to face me.

I look away, a little embarrassed but he puts his hand on my chin forcing me to look at him and then he whispered gently"close your eyes"

I did as he asked and I suddenly felt something against my lips

Oh my god Daryl was kissing me and I liked it. So I kissed back more deeply and passionately

I aloud his tongue to slip into my mouth, allowing him access to everything my mouth had to offer!

I clambered on top of him and put my elbows on his chest and hands on his cheeks.

I took my shirt off and he did the same but then said "are you sure about this?"

"I dunno...it's my first time but I don't care" I muttered

He sighed"maybe another time, if its your first time..."

With that we feel asleep in each others arms


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