Until him...

My name is Layla Drake and I live in an apocolypse, yeah I know its hard but I'm fine...

I manage fine by myself! Until I met him, he changed everything! I'm not sure yet if it was for better or for worse yet but we'll just have to wait and see I guess...


6. oh no!

I woke up but not in the arms of Daryl, in Maggies spare bed in her room.

"What the hell..."as I said that Beth came in and shouted "DADDY"

I began to get concerned when Hershel cane in the room followed by Rick

"What's happening and where's Daryl?!" I cried

"Layla you've been asleep for a week!"



This can't be...a week?

Once Hershel gave me the okay everyone gave me a hug and caught me up with what was happening

It was Shane...he was going mad

There are walkers in the barn and Lori's pregnant...

Me and Daryl just got back from the daily hunt when there was a commotion going on by the barn.

We ran towards it when Shane was passing round guns and there were two dead walkers on the floor.

Shane yanked the barn door open ad one after another about a dozen walkers came out and then out of no where a little walker girl cane out and Carol came crashing to the ground screaming"not my little girl!"

Daryl managed to catch her... Rick shot the child and I be gan to walk away when I heard more growling and turned around to see if everyone was okay.

My heart sunk into my stomach...

Yet another walker came out of the barn...

"Daddy..." I walked towards it and everyone was running towards me to stop me but I didn't care. BANG! Another gun shot and the man I once knee as my Father came crashing down.

I ran to him and slid down on to my knees and rested my head on his chest crying out"please! Please!"

Daryl touched my shoulder and as he did I got up and barged right past him because I didn't care about him or anyone else anymore!

I immediately went to our tent and started packing my bag...

I went into the forrest for one final hunt when I heard foot steps behind me...

I pulled my gun out only to realise that it shane.

"Shit! You scared the hell out of me!" I whined

"Sorry sweetie, I just came to check if you needed any y'know 'special comfort'"

My eyes widened with fear and shock

He edged close and I stepped back

"It'll all be over soon" he said in a creepy voice

He came at me and I screamed.

He covered my mouth and belted at me to shut the fuck up. I bit his hand and tried to run out of the woods but he quickly caught up and I screamed again.

I couldn't get out of it so I just gave up with eveything when it all stopped and I looked up to see none other then Daryl Dixon

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