Until him...

My name is Layla Drake and I live in an apocolypse, yeah I know its hard but I'm fine...

I manage fine by myself! Until I met him, he changed everything! I'm not sure yet if it was for better or for worse yet but we'll just have to wait and see I guess...


7. My saviour

Throwing punches, one after another Daryl wouldn't stop, he had anger in his eyes but didn't want me to see. Shane began to look bloodier and bloodier until he was almost unrecognisable.

"Daryl! That's enough" I urged Daryl to stop best I could but nothing would get through to him.

I ran over and dragged Daryl away. He turned and walked away dragging me back to camp by the hand.

Dale ran over when he saw the long cut on my arm that I had received when I was trying to escape.

"C'mon let's go inside and get you cleaned up"Dale kindly.

Dale cleaned my arm then stitched and bandaged it and as he did I wondered why Hershel didn't do it and he told me he had gone into town and Rick and Glen had gone after him!

After the whole drama with Lori leaving Rick, Glen and Hershel returned but with someone I thought that I would never have t see again...

I kept calm and waited until he was all stitched up and walking.

I entered the room to Randal lying on the bed and Rick guarding him.

"Well looky who it is."he smirked creepily.

I approached the bed tears falling and with all my might punched him.

"Layla!"Rick shouted at me with a hint of concern in my voice.

"Glen!"Rick called Glen into the room where he took me out and sat me down.

"Why did you punch him" he worriedly questioned.

"Because he's put me through hell is why! I snapped back

"What do you mean?" He interrogated me.


And with that, I ran out of the room...tears streaming down my face.

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