Until him...

My name is Layla Drake and I live in an apocolypse, yeah I know its hard but I'm fine...

I manage fine by myself! Until I met him, he changed everything! I'm not sure yet if it was for better or for worse yet but we'll just have to wait and see I guess...


4. I need to feel something...

Daryl had offered if I would like to sleep in his tent with him since there was no more spare tents and I had accepted just because it meant that I had somewhere to sleep

I lay down 

"you 'kay?" He grumbled

"I dunno, it's like I can't feel anything." I replied as i looked into his dreamy blue eyes.

He then rolled over and I heard him start to snore, I shrugged my shoulders since I thought we were having a conversation and slowly drifted to sleep.

Light streamed in and caught my eye which woke me up.

I yawned and slowly started to get up when a hand yanked me back down.

Daryl laid me back down and put his arm around my stomach and grumbled "your warm is all, aint nuthin' to it..."

Later in the day me and Daryl went on a hunting trip and we found a shack in the woods, so obviously we went inside.

After checking the place was safe we went into all the rooms to scavenge through. 

I found a baby's room and O walked over to the cot and touched the thing hanging above it which made it jingle and turn.

A tear slipped down my face as I remembered my Mum telling me that in this world it's unlikely to have a child.

"you 'kay?" He said in his same grumbley tone"y'know you're not the only one who wanna start a family..."

He came up behind me and began to hug me. He began to kiss my neck sending sensation through my entire body...

With that he left the room.

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