Until him...

My name is Layla Drake and I live in an apocolypse, yeah I know its hard but I'm fine...

I manage fine by myself! Until I met him, he changed everything! I'm not sure yet if it was for better or for worse yet but we'll just have to wait and see I guess...


2. Dont do this...

Taking the gun daryl looked at me with sad eyesand sighed.

"No one should have to do this" he sumpathised

Daryl nodded to Rick as if to say 'dont let her see this' 

looking at my mum one more time, I left the room and on my tail Rick.


I put my hand to my mouth and started to cry. Opening his arms, Rick looked at me with sad eyes and I ran into his arms.

I was hugging a complete stranger but hell I didn't care. I had just lost everything that had ever mattered to me.

Black! Everything went black


"LAYLA DINNER" mom bellowed up the stairs! Yes!!! My favourite time of day, dinner...Mums food was the BEST food I had ever had

Running down the stairs I looked aroud for the family when I started to panic!


I ran outside and to my relief I saw my mum on the swing with her back to me

"oh there you are!" I said as i touched her back

nothing! Not even a 'hello'

"mum?" I worried as i walked round to see her as a walker

"NOO" i screamed

the walker started to talk"you should have saved me" it repeated over again"

"I'm sorry" I cried over and over again


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