Aurora and Aspen are twins they have a loving mom . There dad left them when they were 6 . But they still couldn't be happier they both have loving boyfriends. But what happens when secrets begin to spill who knew how much there family and friends were hiding from them. Who knew how many secrets they were hiding from each other


3. chapter 3

Aurora pov

At lunch

"I can't believe he gave me a detention slip" Aspen whined

" well you were late." I sigh handing the lunch lady my cash.

"Your missing a dollar" The lunch lady tells me. I pick up my tray and walk out the lunch line."Young lady your missing one dollar!!" She Yells

" no I'm not!!" I call back. And walk outside to our seating area. Aspen soon joins me.

"Thanks a lot she charged me a extra dollar" Aspen says.

" who cares?" I pick the lettuce off my burger and and toss it to the side.

"A lot of people would just because-Hey Harry is over there go ask him about the double date!!!" She pointed To Harry talking to Liam (Aspens boyfriend) . They walked in to the in to the bathroom

"Okay" I rolled my eyes at my sister. And walked to my boyfriend. I followed them into the building.

" You can't tell Aurora alright??" Harry whispers he looks right over his shoulder and sees me. He whispers some thing to Liam. Liam walks into the classroom. Harry walks up to me and wraps his hands around my waist. I push him away.

"What was that?" I say. He looks confused. He lets out a flustered sigh and puts his hands back around my waist

"Nothing" he grits his teeth I can feel tears form eyes. He's lying. The way he grits his teeth used to attract me but until I found out every time his lying he grits his teeth. I looked down at my hands so he can't see my tears. He takes his hand and lifts my head and places his lips on mine. I'm frozen he pulls away from the kiss and rest his head on my shoulder.

"God I cant keep any surprises from you can I?" He laughs. I sigh in relief.

"For a second there I thought you were cheating on me.."I whisper. He kisses me and this time our lips move in sync.I pull away."oh and um are you free tonight?" I ask thinking about the double date

"Uh no sorry babe I gotta get to class" He gives me a quick peck on the cheek and runs off.


"So what did he say??"Aspen giggled as I came through the door. I swear she's not 16.

"Can't go sorry...Hey look I gotta get to Pe you coming ?" I said.

"Nah"I walked into the gym smelling fresh tennis shoe and sweat. I walk into the locker rooms. I changed into our volleyball out because that's what out new coach said. I walked out only to see all the boys sitting on the bleachers with a cheesy grin on there faces. I see our new coach that's eyeing my butt. What the hell is going on? Then I feel a smack on my butt. I snapped my head back to see a guy grinning at me looking at me up and down. And man he is hot!!! He's probably a senior judging from his muscles. He takes a wink at me and walks away.

"Your looking hot lately huh??"I turn to the voice to see my exboyfriend Wayne.

"Yep and you can't have any of it" I say I bite my lip to tease him.

"Damn girl the things you do to me" He says eyeing me I laugh at him and flip my hair and walk to the bleachers.

"Ah. You girls stand up" the coach announced we did as he said "turn around so the umm guys can uhh observe the proper attire for volleyball.."

"Perv" I muttered a little two loudly

" Alright Ms. Jones why don't we start off on you.." The coach says Dammit

I walk to the court and throw my hands in the air. "Alright who's my partner.... " I say

"You" The coach says pointing to the hot senior I meat earlier. I quickly put my hair in a ponytail and grab a volleyball.

"Ready to get beat Ms Jones one on one up two 5 points just to make it easy on ....the girl" The coach says. I forgot that he is new and doesn't know I'm on volleyball. He blows the whistle and I serve and easy one. We volley it back un fourth in till I finally spike it.

"Oh yea I forgot to say I'm on volleyball" I giggle


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