Aurora and Aspen are twins they have a loving mom . There dad left them when they were 6 . But they still couldn't be happier they both have loving boyfriends. But what happens when secrets begin to spill who knew how much there family and friends were hiding from them. Who knew how many secrets they were hiding from each other


2. chapter 2

Aspen P.O.V

I struggle opening my locker. I glance at my watch the bell is about to ring a second now and my class is on the other side of school

"Do you need help with that" A familiar voice asks my I turn around to see Liam the guy I've been for that past 8 months. He closes his eyes & moves his face closer to me. I follow his movements. I shut my eyes, & I lean closer until I can hear his slow breathing. He places his hand on my face, & my cheek goes warm. I place my hand on top of his other hand, & his lips brush over mine. I pucker up, & they collide with each other, fully. He pulls my face in closer, & his lips feel soft against mine. Then I remember that the last we kissed.

He smiles, & he places a hand on my cheek. I look up at him, & he leans in. I get on my tip-toes to meet him halfway, & I shut my eyes when his lips brush over mine. I place a hand on the back of his neck & pull him down towards me to deepen the kiss. He moves his arms to around my waist, & he lifts me up slightly off the ground. He tastes like .... Drugs and beer .

"Have you been doing drugs?" I say after I pull away from the kiss. He doesn't look me in eyes." Well have you?"

He runs his hands through his hair frustrated. " Babe.." He starts

" don't you dare babe me" I turn towards my house and start to walk home. He grabs his arm pull me to him I try to push away but his grasp is too tight.

" I never did drugs" he lies

"Liar " I spit in his face making his grasp loose. I get my arm free and run to my house.


I pull away from the kiss. I look into his eyes seeing my reflection. There's anger in my eyes.

"Babe I know what your thinking" He sighs

" I can't tony I can't be with you if your doing all that crap" I say crossing my arms to let him know I'm serious

"I know babe that's why I stopped " he says. I put both my hands on his cheeks

"Good" I finally say and give a quick peck. He opens my locker and hands me my books since we have classes in different directions.

I'm only halfway to my class when the bell rings .

"Dammit"I whine and speed walk the the way to history.

When I get the teacher has his back turn so I slip into class. Most of my classmates don't even notice. Either because there half asleep or buried in notes. Out teacher (Mr. Smith) turns around. I hold my breath. He takes one glance at me and announces that he's going to hand back test. I get mine and I got a 76% I barely passed on the bottom of the sheet I see yellow detention slip.

Damn he did notice

A/n okay so this story has a huge plot it will have a lot of drama if your know what I mean lol k Byers

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