Aurora and Aspen are twins they have a loving mom . There dad left them when they were 6 . But they still couldn't be happier they both have loving boyfriends. But what happens when secrets begin to spill who knew how much there family and friends were hiding from them. Who knew how many secrets they were hiding from each other


1. Chapter 1


"Beep beep beep beep" Our alarm clock blares.

"Aspen... Ugh turn it off!" I groan

"Noo" she says

I groan louder tumbling off my my bed and to turn off our annoyingly alarm. I walked into the the bathroom that is connected to our room. When our dad left us my mom was a stay at home mom and had no job so we have a small to bedroom house. Aspen and I sleep in the master bedroom. I turn on the light to see my brown curly hair in a mess. I was supposedly name after sleeping beauty you know aurora.

I take a show and brush my pearly whites

I comb through my tangled mess and pull my hair in to a bun. I walk out the bathroom. Aspen is still passed out on the bed. I walked up to here sleeping like an angel. Then I smash a pillow against her face.

"Agh!! " she yells

" wake up you have like 45 minutes left"

"Wake me up when I have 10 minutes left" she says I roll my eyes. I spot a glass of water on our night stand. I grab it and throw it on her making her scream.

"I fucking hate you" she yells. I laugh in response and go to our closet.

"No cursing "I hear my mom yell from the hallway. Then the noise of Aspen groaning fills the room. I look through the closet . I end up wearing jean shorts a tank top and a cream cover up. I put a necklace on that my boyfriend Harry gave me for our 2 year anniversary. I sit down at the vanity to put on some Red lip stick and just a dash of mascara. Aspen walks or the bathroom with her hair in a braided crown she wears jeans a white tee and and a pink scarf.

" What should I do for me and Liam 1 year anniversary" aspen ask as we step in our 2003 minivan I shrug my shoulders trying to remember my first Anniversary

Harry covers my eyes I can smell the winter scented axe. I take a deep breath of it

"Are you smelling my hands??" He laughs

"Maybe..." I say he takes his hands of my eyes and places them on my waist I see a small round table with two plates on each side and a candle in the middle . Around the room is decorated with fake beams and flowers.

"Do you like it?" He whispers in my ear

"I love it"I say facing him. I stare into is sweet hazel eyes. I place my lips on his. Every kiss I we give to each other is a spark a spark I never want to end. He bites down on my lip letting my mouth open. He slides is tongue in my mouth tasting every part inch of it. I move my hands to his hair pulling at his roots. He moans in pleasure. He pulls away from me

"Can we skip dinner?" He pleads look into my eyes

"You don't mean you wants to...oh my god I'm about to lose my virginity!"I say

" is that a yes?" He asks as in response I slam my lips against his. I move his hand from my waist to my butt. We tumble in his bedroom cross the room. My hands run over his pale skin & his little abs. His mouth covers my chest, & I arch my back giving him access to my bra strap. He slips his hand behind me & undoes the strapless bra. He grabs it & throws it on the floor beside him.

"You're so fucking sexy, " He moans as I palm him through his jeans. He moves up on his knees & unbuttons & unzips his pants. He gets off the bed, & I watch as he takes down his pants that are way too tight. He reaches into the back pocket, & I watch him take out a square packet: a condom. This is actually happening. I feel a good sensation in my core. He jumps back on the bed. He places his lips on my chest, & he brings one of my breasts in his mouth, while he kneads the other one with his free hand. I moan his name out, & I push his head down. I feel him smirk against my skin. He kisses every inch of my stomach until he gets to my underwear. His long fingers hooks around the thin fabric, & I thank myself for wearing black lace panties today. He pulls them down then enters me. I still feels like a lot. He begins to rock back & forth slowly, & I screw my eyes shut.

"Fuck," I moan as he buries his head in the crook of my neck. It hurts like hell, but the sounds he's making against my neck make this all worth it.

"You okay?" He asks.

"Ye-yeah.. put more.." I beg. If we're going to do this, might as well do it right. I'll get used to the pain. He slides more inside of me, & I instinctively wrap my legs around his waist. He thrusts a little harder, & I yelp in pain, making him stop. He murmurs a sorry before continuing his slow movements.

"Ugh, Aurora. You're so tight. So good.." His words make me feel so good. So confident. So powerful. I place my nails in his back as he continues his thrusting. It feels good; it really does, but with every thrust, a slight pinch accompanies it. "I'm not going to last very long," he moans in my ear, & I buckle my hips under him, so he can go deeper. laces his lips on mine to silence our moans, & I slide my tongue in his mouth. Our tongues move in sync against each other, & I moan into his mouth as he picks up his speed.

He pulls away from me, & I watch as his muscles contract on his arms & chest, & the way his vein pops out on his forehead. Our moans make a lovely sound mixed together, & after a few more thrusts, his moans come out in spurts, & his body becomes rigid as he reaches his high. His first high that he reached without his right hand. His body lay limp on mine, & I move his sweaty hair out of his face, & I kiss his head.

"Fuck"I say

"What's wrong?" He asks

" I'm hungry"


"Um hello earth to Aurora" Aspen says snapping me out of my flashback.

"Bye sweethearts" my moms waves us off as she drops us off at the school. I wave to her as she pulls off

"Have you guys had sex yet?" I ask

"Uh no uh not yet why?"she stammers

" You should have sex and on your one year anniversary it's makes it really special that's probably why me and Harry are still together" I say bragging about my beautiful relationship.

" ugh not ever relationship has to be like yours" Aspen rolls her eyes at me.

"Whatever see ya at lunch " I call to her as we go our separate ways.

Thx for reading comment i love it when people comment and Aspen is pronounced like Asprin so but with out the R k Byers

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