Random Nightguard drabbles

This is just a few oneshots and randomness featuring the nightguards Mike Schmidt, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Fritz Smith, Phone Guy and Purple Guy. The animatronics are in this story too. The Toy animatronics and the Originals. You might see some whacky antics you see in cartoons, the Puppet is a girl in this story and the animatronics have the ability to turn human anytime. Read, favorite and comment on the story. Also this AU takes place this year.


5. The animatronics and the guards bond


Mike and the animatronics got together and decided to know more about each other. "I'm curious to know about your lives. We wanna know that." Said Toy Chica. Some of them were either embarrassed or just didn't wanna talk about it. Jeremy decided to tell his backstory about his life. "Well, I was born in the end of spring and my parents loved me so much. When I was growing up, my life wasn't too easy. I wasn't a rich kid. Both my parents worked so I was left alone with my grandparents until it was time for me to go to school. My dad introduced me to superheros like Batman and Superman. I used to start my Saturday mornings watching the Batman and Superman cartoon shows. When I reached my teen years, it wasn't easy being a teen. I used to get picked on by bullies. If it weren't for one of my teachers, I would've suffered depression. Since I was already a shy kid a teacher I used to be very close to, my history teacher introduced me to a girl named Sadie Blake. He said she was as shy as I am. She also mentioned that she too was picked on by the popular girls because she wore these Harry Potter styled glasses and also had braces too. She said I was her first friend. In my late teens, I just graduated high school and my parents said that I was ready to live on my own. I decided to stay in an apartment not too far from where my parents live. I also got remembered the very first time I got a job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. I used to be in the dayshift only. Then, they moved me to both shifts. That's where I met you, Mike, Vincent, Fritz and Scott. That's the story of my life for you." Chica placed her hand in Jeremy's saying, "That's some backstory you told." "I know thanks Chica." Mangle turned herself into her human form. "She wore a light pink dress with a few rips but was still wearable, her hair was white and long that had a side bang that covered her right eye and her other endoskeleton was wrapped around her waist. She wasn't too scary looking and Foxy liked her that way. He didn't see that Mangle is hideous (A/N: I totally ship Foxy and Mangle). Mike chose to tell his backstory. "I was born in the summer and as a kid I used to have a liking for pirates and Foxy has always been my favorite. Then, the summer of '87 happened. It was my birthday and Foxy was doing his show and I among other kids was chosen to be Foxy's first mate. I got close to Foxy and he... well... did this." Mike removed his beanie hat and pushed a few black locks back revealing the scars Foxy caused that day. Foxy moved to sit next to Mangle. "Next thing I knew, I woke up in the hospital. Both the doctors and my parents said I was lucky to be alive. If they didn't act fast enough, Foxy could've killed me." Foxy felt the guilt internally strangling him that he ran into Pirate's Cove. "Foxy wait!" Mangle ran after him. Freddy got Mangle by the wrist saying, "Just give him some time alone. He'll come around eventually." Mangle nodded reluctantly worried about her friend. Her other endoskeleton wrapped around her waist comforted her, "ThErE, tHeRe MaNgLe. LiKe FrEdDy SaId, FoXy WilL cOmE aRoUnD eVeNtUaLly." Mangled sniffled a bit, "You're right Endo. What would I do without you." Mangle saw next to Jeremy in the stage area. Fritz told his backstory. "I was born in early spring, winter was ending and when I was growing up, life was pretty easy. Because whenever my parents went out for date night on Saturday night, they would hire their Japanese neighbor who lived across the street from us. Her name was Asami. She was the best babysitter a kid could ask for. That was until she decided to move back to Japan. I really missed Asami. She taught me how to write and speak in Japanese, I learned about her culture, she taught me how to make Japanese food also. The last thing I gave her was an oragami bird. But, my life was turned upside-down when I met a foreign exchange student. She was from a very posh girls only private school in Wales, England. Her name was Mary Jane Flanigan." "I didn't know you have a thing for British girls." Said Toy Freddy. Fritz gave a slightly annoyed glare. "Carry on." "Anyway, Mary Jane is a pretty classy girl. Me on the other hand, I was neither classy nor sophisticated. I tried to impress her by pretending to be a classy and sophisticated young man. Eventually, she told me that it's not cool to pretend to be someone I'm not to impress anyone. She liked me for who I am." "That was the sweetest backstory I ever heard." Toy Chica said compassionately. "Also, I like to binge watch Netflix at home. Usually, I watch Teen Titans, Dragonball Z, America's Funniest Home Videos and Happy Tree Friends." Vincent liked Happy Tree Friends too. "You watch Happy Tree Friends too?!" Fritz nodded. "Well I don't like that show." Jeremy said crossing his arms. "What's not to like about that show?" Protested Vincent. "When I first saw it, I was shocked to see cute cartoon animals get horribly injured." "It's supposed to be funny when that happens!" Barked Vincent. 

Last Saturday...

Vincent was at home watching another episode of Happy Tree Friends when he saw Cuddles the Rabbit put a fork in an electrical outlet causing him to get electrocuted.That made Vincent laugh hysterically.

Present day...

"Yep, it's totally funny. I also watch it in the break room too." Scott realized what happened when Vincent brought up that show 

"So that explains the hysterical laughter."  Vincent went ahead to tell his backstory. 


"I was born in the middle April and as a kid I used to be very close to my parents. Pretty soon...


A few sad memories later...

"...Pretty soon, I met you guys when I got this job." They all learned about each other like how Scott remembered the time that he and Vimcent used to hate each other and how they eventually became friends. Mike saw that Foxy wasn't with him, "Has anyone seen Foxy?" Mangle went over to Mike, "Foxy ran off to Pirate's Cove because he felt guilty on almost killing you back in '87." Mike felt bad too; he and Foxy didn't like each other after the Bite of '87. There were times that Mike eventually talked with Foxy and how he forgave him for what happened to him. "Foxy!" He went over to Pirate's Cove to talk to him. "What ye want Mike? To bite off yer frontal lobe again to kill ye?!" Foxy yelled. "No Foxy, I want to apologize. I never should've brought up the Bite of '87 like that. I'm sorry Foxy, I really am." Foxy peeked out of the curtain seeing Mike. "I'm sorry too Mike. I really didn't mean to almost kill ye like that. I just felt really bad after all these years." Mangle saw them talking to each other and felt that she did the right thing telling Mike to go and talk to Foxy. "So what do ye say Mike, friends?" "Friends." Mike made sure not hurt himself when he shook Foxy's hook hand. Freddy saw Mike and Foxy together and not being bitter towards each other. "See Mangle, I told you Foxy will come around eventually."


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