Random Nightguard drabbles

This is just a few oneshots and randomness featuring the nightguards Mike Schmidt, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Fritz Smith, Phone Guy and Purple Guy. The animatronics are in this story too. The Toy animatronics and the Originals. You might see some whacky antics you see in cartoons, the Puppet is a girl in this story and the animatronics have the ability to turn human anytime. Read, favorite and comment on the story. Also this AU takes place this year.


15. Ornaments, tinsel and trees oh my!

"I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!" Yelled Vincent. "Good to see that someone's in the Chirstmas spirit." Said Sarah. Jeremy wore a cute elf hat with a jingle bell. "Let's get decorating." Mike, Fritz and Scott pulled out a few dusty boxes full of Christmas decorations. Anais opened them to see the old decorations that their old boss made them design with no expense paid. "What the what?" Sarah looked at the decorations which were old ornaments, faded tinsel, a scaggily old Christmas tree (Not the one from the Peanuts Christmas special) which is now a mere twig unless you can count some pine needles remaining, tinsel made out of spray painted tinfoil which is chipping away and so on. "You guys are definately due for new decorations." She said dropping the so called "Christmas tree". "Here's the plan, we don't have enough money for decorations since we used some of it 2 months ago for Halloween. Here's what we're gonna do; Anais and I will go pick out a real Christmas tree, Vincent, Jeremy and Scott you pitch in with your own decorations and Mike and Fritz will go buy some ornaments." With that, Anais and Sarah went over to a tree lot to get a Christmas tree for a legit price. At Jeremy's place Vincent saw him get tangled in the tinsel getting wrapped up. "Vincent help me out here." Vincent was looking at Jeremy's ornaments seeing that they're anime themed including a Pikachu tree topper. "Do have any regular ornaments?" Asked Vincent. "Do the ones that look like pokeballs and dragon balls count?"  Said Jeremy. "Sure whatever."  Vincent got the decorations and forgot to unwrap Jeremy. "Vincent wait up!" Jeremy hopped after Vincent then fell down the flight of stairs. "I'm ok." Mike and Fritz were looking for ornaments. "Fritz we need to find some ornaments. I'm thinking shatterproof and durable." Mike said. Fritz nodded, "Okay, glass is definately out of the question." 

A few moments later...

"Anais and I got the tree." Called out Sarah. "Yeah, it's a real Douglas Fir from North Carolina." Added Anais. "It smells nice." Said Jeremy. "Alright guys, let's get decorating. Remember to work together okay?" Sarah left them to decorate together. Anais played some classic Christmas songs to get into the spirit of things. "Your Pikachu tree topper looks so cute." Anais said gently holding it. "Thanks Anais." Mike got the tinsel and wrapped it around the tree. "This brings back memories. It reminded me of the time when I was a kid, I used to play with the tinsel with my mom." Said Mike. "I think we're just about done." Anais added a snowflake ornament. "Not quite. Anais, do you wanna put this Pikachu tree topper on the the tree." Jeremy asked timidly. "Sure thing." Anais placed the tree topper on its rightful place on the Christmas tree. "Now let's light this holiday candle!" Vincent turned the lights on and the tree shone brightly with a multitude of bright colors. "I have to say, the LED lights are a really nice touch." Sarah went over to see how are things going. "Wow, I'm impressed you guys. The tree looks beautiful." 

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