Random Nightguard drabbles

This is just a few oneshots and randomness featuring the nightguards Mike Schmidt, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Fritz Smith, Phone Guy and Purple Guy. The animatronics are in this story too. The Toy animatronics and the Originals. You might see some whacky antics you see in cartoons, the Puppet is a girl in this story and the animatronics have the ability to turn human anytime. Read, favorite and comment on the story. Also this AU takes place this year.


17. New Year, new antics

Vincent decorated his house for New Year's Eve. He got out party hats snacks and whole lot of fireworks. The guys showed up to Vincent's party. "You guys made it!" He was interrupted by some girls Mike, Fritz, Scott and Jeremy brought over. "And who are these oh so fine mamacitas?" Mike brought his girl over, "Vincent this my girlfriend, Doll. Remember her?" Vincent shook his head. "Remember last summer when we went to Disneyland together." Doll said crossing her arms. Vincent's memory got clear. "Oh now I remember!" 

Time skip...

Midnight is drawing near and Vincent was trying to flirt with Fritz's older sister, Bernadette resulting him getting splashed with root beer. The time for fireworks was near and Vincent was about to ignite them. "Before I ignite these bad boys I want to seal this new year with kiss." He was inches away from Bernadette's face getting ready yo kiss her. "Vincent stop flirting with my sister!" Jeremy's date, Mikasa Tsuki karate kicked him in the face causing him to drop the match and lit all the fireworks at once. "Run!" Cried Jeremy. The fireworks all exploded with a multitude of colors and displays. "Best New Year's Eve ever!" Vincent said excitedly. 

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