Random Nightguard drabbles

This is just a few oneshots and randomness featuring the nightguards Mike Schmidt, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Fritz Smith, Phone Guy and Purple Guy. The animatronics are in this story too. The Toy animatronics and the Originals. You might see some whacky antics you see in cartoons, the Puppet is a girl in this story and the animatronics have the ability to turn human anytime. Read, favorite and comment on the story. Also this AU takes place this year.


12. Jeremy's loose tooth

Chica and her toy counterpart made candy apples for the guards. "I haven't had a candy apple in ages. Also, it's good to eat something other than the pizza here." Jeremy took a bite and... "OW!" Marionette came to Jeremy. "Oh my gosh! Jeremy are you okay?" She asked. "I think my tooth hurts." Said Jeremy. "Let me see." Jeremy opened his mouth to show a loose canine tooth. "I'm no dentist, but your tooth came loose." Mike heard that, "What? Jer lemme see that." Mike saw the loose canine tooth. "That's gotta hurt bud." Jeremy nodded in agreement. "You know, it reminded me about the time I lost tooth. I was about 9 at the time and it came out because my dad gave me peanut brittle. I bit on it and my tooth was stuck on it." Vincent interrupted. "That's nothing compared to my story." Mike glared at his purple friend. "Anyway, when I was about 11 years old, I was living with my Aunt Elise, crazy Uncle Richy and cousin Jemma for the summer. I lost a canine tooth before and Uncle Richy being crazy, he tied my loose tooth with a strong fishing line to the end of his motor cycle he used some rope to tie me up to this really big strong oak tree."


11 year old Vincent was with his crazy Uncle Richy and cousin Jemma. Elise had to go run some errands and left them alone. His Uncle Richy tied him to the strong oak tree in the backyard and used the strong fishing line to tie his loose canine tooth. "Uncle Richy are you sure about this?" He lisped slightly. "Trust me on this Vinny." "This is not gonna end well." Jemma said going inside the house. "Jemma where are going?" Asked Richy. "To call a dentist or the paramedics in case my cousin gets terribly hurt." She replied. "Your loss Jemma."

"Uncle Richy let 'er rip!" Called out Vincent. Richy gave a thumbs up and revved up the motor cycle. Vincent's tooth didn't budge. Richy got his motor cycle to go even faster which caused Vincent to crash through the window of the house. "Vincent! Cuz are you okay?" Jemma asked worriedly. Vincent saw up a bit dazed and saw that his tooth didn't come out. Richy came to Vincent. "Did it work?" Vincent got the fishing line with his tooth tied up. "Dagnabbit! We tried everything Vincent! We tried pulling it out, prying it out, yanking it out and I give up!" Richy pulled on the line forcefully and the tooth came out. Vincent looked at his tooth then at his uncle. "My tooth came out!"

End of flashback...

"And that's how I lost my tooth." Jeremy looked a bit scared. "Gee Vincent, I knew your uncle was crazy but that to get your tooth out?!" Vincent nodded. Scott came in and saw Jeremy's loose tooth. "Jeremy, I think it's best to leave it alone and let it come out on it's own." He said. Jeremy nodded. Vincent decided to take matters into his own hands. "It's a good thing I carry this dental floss with me." Vincent said quietly. Vincent went with the old "Tie-your-tooth-to-the-door-and-slam-it" trick. "Hey Jeremy." "Hi Vincent." Vincent got out the dental floss. "Can you tie this on your tooth?" "Sure Vincent." He reluctantly tied his tooth to the dental floss. "I sure hope this works." Vincent tied the other end of the floss to a doorknob. "Now to slam it hard and that tooth will be out." Jeremy saw Vincent near the door. "Vincent what are you-" Vincent forcefully slammed the door and Jeremy's tooth came out. "OW! Vincent why'd you do that for?!" Jeremy held his jaw from the pain he experienced. "It hurts so bad!" He cried. "But I got your tooth out." Vincent showed the tooth tied to the dental floss. Sarah came out her office when she heard screaming. "What happened here?" She asked. "Vincent pulled out my tooth like in the cartoons." Sarah knew what Jeremy was talking about. She watched cartoons herself and saw that old trick. She came to Vincent saying, "That wasn't very nice Vincent. It was really reckless of you to do that." Vincent said defensively, "But that's how my crazy uncle did it." Sarah had a bit of a hard time to see which member of Vincent's family he was talking about. "Which crazy uncle, the one on your mom's side or your dad's side of the family?" "My mom's brother, my Uncle Richy."

"Right, anyway, next time, don't pull a stunt like that again."

Later that night...

Jeremy put his tooth under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy to take it. A bright light appeared and it was the Tooth Fairy. She found Jeremy's tooth and left him $20.

The next day...

Jeremy came to Freddy's excitedly. "Guys! The Tooth Fairy came and left me 20 bucks for it!" Jeremy showed the 20 dollar bill to his friends. "That's great Jeremy. Let's hope you don't lose another one." Said Scott eyeing Vincent. 

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